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June 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 May 2010 at 2:23AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Thank you Pink for the new thread :A

    Welcome to all our newbies :hello: & Welcome back to all our returners :hello:

    Lindy - Loo, curly wurlys are one of life's essentials, especially on a bank holiday weekend! :D

    I'm baking and cooking tomorrow, I have a mrt delivery on Tues and might also nip to the c00p to snaffle up a couple of special offers if they have any left.

    Enjoy the long weekend everyone, the weather forecast is good for tomorrow and monday so lots of bbqs and beaches :T
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • SuziQSuziQ Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    I am going to restart this for June, having had a very very long gap due to me being in hospital twice last year and once again this month, lots of illness inbetween and although I have been pretty good grocery shopping-wise I really would like to get 'back on track' again.
    I am going to set £145 for June,please, (me, 2 kids and 2 cats) although if my DD comes home from Uni earlier than expected beg of July I might have to revise that a bit s she eats like a horse despite being a size 8! I have a freezer that is bursting and some of it has been there months, so my initial plan is to use as much out of there as I can this month (can give it a good clean too) and just add store cupboard items I already have such as my huge sacks of rice and pasta! I think my kids are in for an interesting month as I come up with some new recipes lol!
    Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it!
  • Please could you put me down for £275 target for June? We were quite a bit under budget last month, even at a lower than normal level of £200, but OH was working away for three weeks so there was no branded cereal bought etc!;) My month started today and will be a 5 week month for us, but that will even out a bit in July. We only needed a few bits to make meals out of what is left in the fridge and freezer, so £26.25 spent already today, no doubt we will need milk and some more fruit on Monday but I've decided to not buy stuff til I definitely need it. For example, we have grapes, satsumas and bananas in the house but only 2 apples left. Normally I would go to Tesco or Aldi just for them as OH likes them in his packed lunch but hey, he can take grapes and satsumas for a change! No point them going manky in the fridge.

    Today's spend would have been even lower but I spent £6 on two bunches of flowers for the house - to congratulate myself for last month really! - and we needed bottled water as the builders round the corner fractured the water main and OH got Evian at £2.99 for six :eek:!!! instead of Tesco Value! I nearly fainted :)

    My reasons are really that I've seen a lovely house for sale, which we can afford - just - but it's absolutely the top end of our budget and so in a round about way I'm trying to demonstrate we could afford to buy it if we tightened our belts for a bit.

    Good luck to all for June! We haven't bought any bags of salad for 6 weeks now that things are growing, and the chickies are laying, so that's a 'free' meal of quiche or omelette and salad once or twice a week!:T

    Sorry for the essay - I'm getting a bit excited with a shiny new month!

    DFS xx
  • My month started yesterday and I've done my first main shop so have updated sig. Going to try really hard to stick to one main shop a week, not several smaller ones, because I seem to spend more. Going to try really hard for more NSDs too though this week, being half-term, that's not going to be so easy!
    I like the feeling of a shiny new month too.:)

  • barneydee_2barneydee_2 Forumite
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    Hi everyone I would like to rejoin the challenge again as at the moment my grocery spending has gone through the roof:mad: I would like to start on the 1st of June so can you put me down for £300.00 I know it is an expensive month in june as we have lots of birthdays hopefully in July we can cut it down quite a bit more, tomorrow I am going to do some batch cooking and cake making ,my cupboards are fit to burst so are the fridge and freezer I have just got to get more organized with the meal planning.:D
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  • Ok, after being terrible and failing miserably in all MSE activities last month (I even had to take money out of my tiny ISA to tide me over :eek:), things are hopefully becoming a bit more settled and I am going to try again. I've found out that the way I work best is to take out money for everything at the start of the week, and not touch my bank account after that.

    In light of this, I'm now including toiletries and going out in my GC budget. It is also a bit higher as I decided it is better health and stress wise to buy lunch at work (I always get a decent salad there, which I would never bother with at home, and it's nice to go up to the canteen and get a break at lunchtime). So, for June, please put me down for £210. That is £50 per week but £60 this week as I had already agreed to go out for dinner before hauling myself back on the wagon.
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    Morning all

    Well it is tipping it down here -so a day indoors x-stitching and going on the wii sounds like the order of the day :p-hubby is in a golf competition so I hope he has better weather...
    I weighed in this morning and have got rid of another 3lb :j-so thats 1st9lbs in 6 weeks and *mumble mumble* left to shift :rotfl:..
    KITTY -if you want to SW recipe swap, just let me know-I got quite a few of their books when I started and Im working my way through them...and have yet to find one we don't like :j. This is my 1st time on SW (well apart from when I was 14) -I have always pretty much done WW -can lose loads, but can't keep it off -the SW way seems much easier and not like a diet at all :T..
    I have found though that I think I have an intolerence to yeast :eek:-I have always been a carbohydrate junky (home made bread being my biggest weakness)anyway -I didn't have any bread for the 1st 4 weeks of SW and then made my baguette dough to make a SW pizza -and it gave me the mother of all headaches -I know its not the yeast it must be... I used to get a bit of a headache when I had home made bread -but after going without and then having a wee bit, it really hit me -so I won't be doing that again in a hurry :(-still it should make losing weight easier :rotfl:

    Well on the GC front -I know our spends are going up (still as my mamma always used to say "you can't buy a new belly" :p) -I reckon if I allow €50 a week it should be plenty ..well it had better be as I want to carry on saving the rest of the housekeeping ;)
    I will need to nip for a few bits on Tuesday evening-but that will have given me 6 NSDS in a row...
    Today Im doing roast chicken dinner -when hubby gets in, so for my lunch Im having SW Indian curried pork pattie (left over from last night) with salad and cold steamed potatoes (did extra last night too ;))

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend....
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  • becky170becky170 Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread! Can I be put down for £130 this month? Not sure if this is realistic as my mum and dad are visiting for a week at the end of the month, but we'll see.... Good luck everyone!
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  • KITTY_2-2KITTY_2-2 Forumite
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    I weighed in this morning and have got rid of another 3lb :j-so thats 1st9lbs in 6 weeks and *mumble mumble* left to shift :rotfl:..
    KITTY -if you want to SW recipe swap, just let me know-I got quite a few of their books when I started and Im working my way through them...and have yet to find one we don't like :j. This is my 1st time on SW (well apart from when I was 14) -I have always pretty much done WW -can lose loads, but can't keep it off -the SW way seems much easier and not like a diet at all :T..QUOTE]

    MRSMCAWBER - Thanks for the offer I would appreciate that. Unfortunately this isn't my first time to the party and I know the SW plan works. My problem has always been I let life distract me and then I get lazy and fall back into the old habits :o
    I could do with a kick up the bum occassionally to keep myself motivated as this will be a long haul. I too have a fair amount to lose (I speak mumble :p) and having someone to share ideas with would be great. I have just bought the 40 years recipe collection - do you have that one? Haven't tried anything yet but would like to do a couple this week. Any recommendations?

    Anyway the GC is taking a battering with all the extra fresh food I am buying. Hopefully this will calm down if I can get some lettuce, tomato and veg plants this weekend. Not sure whether to count these in the GC total or take from my pocket money - will decide later.

    Best wishes all, K
    Merry Christmas
  • LINKYPIE2009LINKYPIE2009 Forumite
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    Morning all,

    Really gotta get my OS hat back on - and what better way to start then with the GC. £200 for me please. That's £50 per week - should be more than adequate!
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