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June 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 May 2010 at 2:23AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Lindy_-_LooLindy_-_Loo Forumite
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    Day two of this months challenge and already spent £14.32. Mainly on treat bars for the fridge and a pack of fancy biscuits. Did get apples, strawberrys and swede, 2 hovis bread and 4 litres of cordial though! (I'm trying to justify the pack of 5 curly wurlys I bought)

    tesco shop due Monday and DS2 is on day 5 of toilet training so hopefully wont need many nappies this month

    good luck everyone xx
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  • earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    Since when should you have to justify Curly Wurlys :D (Frys Turkish Delight is my achilles heel).

    Good luck with the toilet training - we're at about the same point with DS3, so I'm not doing any more bulk-buying on nappies (different budget anyway though, so doesn't affect my GC) - will miss the Boots points though - they paid for DHs razors every month at the least.
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  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Just back from shop no 1 of June's budget. Managed to spend £31.25 - very good for me! I did do a fairly big "stock up " shop last week so it was mainly fresh bits and stuff for lunches etc
    I'm aiming for £225 for the month (a 5 week month for me shopping-wise) so I'm off to a fairly good start for once!
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  • KITTY_2-2KITTY_2-2 Forumite
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    Not updated signature yet for last month but overspent by about £20.

    This month has 5 weekends for me so need to increase budget to compensate. Mrs M could you put me down for £250 please? I think this will be too much but as I'm doing Slimming World (again!) I need to stock up on some items I don't normally carry in my pantry.

    Thanks to all for keeping the challenge running smoothly.
    Merry Christmas
  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Hoping that the fact that I am away from to-morrow until 9th June I am hoping that I can stay within the budget this month!

    Good luck to all

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    SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    edited 30 May 2010 at 12:57PM
    Hi All,

    Thanks to pink, MrsM and rosieben for keeping us organised on the right track. :A

    What is that post above mine? EDIT: It has now been removed and my comment does not relate to Marie's post!

    First spend of the new month today, chicken from the butchers and some veg so a small total of £8.14. Not bad and my first day yesterday was a NSD so reasonable start.

    We've got friends around tonight to enjoy the torture of Eurovision, drink too much and be very rude about the other countries and probably ours too if history teaches me anything!

    Been very wet here today and huge temperature drop too. So going to prepare for the musical extravaganza and speak to you all tomorrow.

    Take care,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • please put me down for £85 Thank you

    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
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  • franby64franby64 Forumite
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    Hello all

    Can't wait for May to be over.. probably looking at @£60 overspend which is annoying but I think I did set it a bit too low tbh. I can't do £400 atm - have to be realistic!
    Thank you to Pink-winged, Mrs M and Rosieben for running the thread and please could you put me down for £440 for June.

    I'm going to divide it into 4 weekly amounts of £110 (2 eight day weeks in there!), start with a delivery on Tue/Wed of as much as I can that I'll need for the week and top up from the rest. My first A*sa shop looks like @£75 inc delivery, leaving £35 for top-ups which I only want to do a couple of times a week at most.
    I'm know I'm only mucking around with my money really but it might focus my shopping a bit.

    Have a good month everybody.
    May Shopping Challenge. 10/5. Budget £310 Spent £118.25.. £191.75 left. So £9.13 a day.
  • Flat_EricFlat_Eric Forumite
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    Hello. I am back with my tail between my legs! I have been missing for a few months and need to try harder with my food budgeting. I haven't been keeping proper track of my food spends so I hope by coming back on here that I can get myself sorted.

    I would like to set my budget for June at £375.00

    I hope everyone is well.

    I did a shop today in my local supermarket and spent £73.37. This was instead of having a home delivery where I seem to get click happy and was approaching £100 + ! so I gave up with that.

    My spend today doesn't seem to include much to make meals with ? so I know i must work on planning menus etc and buying accordinglyl.

    I picked up Eat Well Spend Less by Sarah Flower from my local library and its a great read so I have ordered if off amazon (only £5.99 instead of £9.99). This can come from my grocery budget ! and has lots of lovely recipes.

    enjoy the bank holiday weekend all :D

  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    Spiggle wrote: »
    What is that post above mine?

    It was spam, but now that I've deleted it, it looks like you're accusing meanmarie :o
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