June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Well peeps i have spent a whopping £61.84 and were only seven days in. Darn cats, eating loads of food. OH decided to spend a fortune whilst he was off including take out, all included in the above figure.
    So now the boys will be back at school on Wednesday, OH tomorrow so i should be able to get back on track.
    Had to cancel the delivery of milk starting from today, i feel really guilty, as i believe in certain traditional ways e.g milk delivered. But financially i couldn't afford it.:( Ended up being £18.23 for 28 pints of milk, but i used to buy milk from the corner shop as well to top us up with.

    So hopefully that will bring the bill down. Convinced OH to try turkey after i got two big fat legs for £1.98 from Sainsbugs. So guess what were having it tonight with mash, broccoli, carrots and yorkshire puds hmmm yummy. So cheap dinner for us. All the left over juices will be used to stew with for the next day.

    Got 4 bags (16portions per persons)of mince mix (i.e mince, lentils etc) in the freezer so thats us sorted for four meals.
    Just need to make bread, cakes etc for pack lunches.

    Going to put the BM on now ready for lunch.

  • Emma1979Emma1979 Forumite
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    My budget for the month will be £150

    This is to include, our food, all toiletries, cleaning products & pet food

    As I am a little late joining my budget will run from today to 5th July.

    Good luck everyone :beer:
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  • Morning All!

    Hi Emma79- welcome!

    Had one NSD yesterday and aiming for one today and one tomorrow- would be good. My sig needs updating as spent more in Mr T's on Saturday than planned- its going to be a hotch potch week I think to use up stuff in the fridge to start over with a tidy one!! :rotfl:Best laid plans and all that!!

    Cats are eating me out of house and home at the moment tho- that may scupper the NSD plans! :cool:

    Have a great day everyone- I am on A/L so am going to take my library books back and do cleaning- apparently there is no rest for the wicked :D;)
    June Budget= £151.41/£150:cool:
    10 NSDs (with teenagers :eek:!!)= 8
    Reduced my overdraft a little today- slow but sure!:A
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    i bought kit - e - kat for mine and they are turning their noses up and eating the biscuits!
    Where is rolling eyes smiley.
    If they carry on like this I might only get them biscuits in future ! :(

    I cooked a shoulder of lamb yesterday - it will probably last me three days. :)
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    20ps and £2 coins and other bits.

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    NSD challenge July 9/10
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Spends so far!

    Picnic supplies for Race for Life on Sunday - £20 but have loads of ham, crisps, mini sausages and strawberries/grapes/cherry tomatoes left!

    Bookers (friend took me)
    2 x 300g mushrooms reduced to 30p each (to slice and freeze)
    box of 6 x 100g turkey breast slices reduced to £2 (5 pkts for freezer)
    bag of luxury salad leaves reduced to 30p
    1kg tub glace cherries for baking supplies £4.59

    Large tin dog food £1.49
    Buttermilk 52p
    Lg Low fat creme fraiche £ 93p

    Asparagus £1.10

    Total = £31.53 budget is £150 so £118.47 left to spend with first organic box delivery due on Wednesday!

    I've made a huge amount of soya chilli ready for the freezer and am off to make another trifle using up some frozen slightly stale sponge and then bake some scones using the buttermilk.

    Lunch today - turkey salad and creme fraiche, fruit
    Dinner tonight - Ham, jacket potatoes and steamed asparagus followed by strawberries and creme fraiche
    Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.

    Jan grocery challenge £35.77/£120
  • tracey12_2tracey12_2 Forumite
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    Had my weekly shopping delivered this morning from Mr T with free delivery. Spent £46.62 on normal weekly shop and then an extra £18.35 was towards my dd 2nd birthday party on 23 June so have stocked up on some orange juice, apple juice, snacks, choc fingers etc.
    Officially debt free :j
  • ASCASC Forumite
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    Hi everyone.

    Updated sig with last weeks spends, up to £52.32 which isn't bad considering it includes a few picnic treats (and a bottle of wine - I blame PMT!)

    Likely to be a more expensive week this week. Just seen that c0-0p have half price Cathederal City (our cheese of choice but resent the price) so plan to stock up, and need a few household bits too. I think someone mentioned a toilet roll offer, was that the own brand half price one they had recently?

    I have the usual bits in but need to plan the week properly to make a dent in the freezer contents. I was hoping to empty one and switch it off over the summer but I'm a way off that at the moment. I'd also promised myself that I'd try out some new recipes but I've not done very well with that either! Back to the start the thread I think...

    Have a good week!

    A x
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    Morning all :) Aiming for an NSD for today and tomorrow as not venturing out today and am at the hospital tomorrow so wont be in the mood to spend any money!

    Going to make some snacks. Perhaps some cheese biscuits- does anyone have any recipes? I may take a look on the begining of the thread, some sausage rolls, perhaps some muffins and a quiche.

    Well... better go and clean up! Have a good day!
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    hi again, spent £14.03 in Mr M's (am a convert - I used to go to somerfield but it's closed down in my village now - the co-op that's replaced it seems very expensive - so am driving to margate once a week to get my shopping - it's closer than Mr T's and the last 2 times it's been £3-£4 cheaper!)

    I also spent £5 in Iceland (ready meals for the days when I forget to take stuff out of the freezer :mad:)

    I had NSD's on friday and Sunday (I don't count newspapers as I get them most days) and I would have had one on saturday as well except it was so hot we didn't fancy spag bog so I got some sausages from the butcher and did a pasta salad with them.

    I will have to add another £30 to my spend as my butchers do 3lb of rib-eye steak for £15 (it works out as about 80p per steak) but the supply has dried up so I'm going to buy 2 lots and this should see me through until christmas if I only do steak every other week!!:A
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    Total £0/400
  • guccigooguccigoo Forumite
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    well i reported yesterday that i was only going to buy banana's today and ive stuck to my word :j so ive spent 76p in mr s. tomorrow nsd :)
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
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