June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi everyone

    What a fantastic day, the sun is shining and I popped into A*da and only spend £4.73 on milk, lemonade and some sandwich filling, what a miracle, usually I would go around the shop and just pick up loads of stuff that i don't want or need and end of chucking it away. Updated sig

    Have a good day everyone

    Officially debt free :j
  • Afternoon All,

    Have updated sig to show pitstop in A*dis yesterday- cats are being extra extra fussy this week and sometimes giving them what they want is the only way to stop waste!:o

    May have a NSD today- not sure if I want to walk to healthfood shop or not! If not then NSD!

    Recovering Spendaholic- I only include food and household stuff or my budget would be gone in one fell swoop after visiting the hairdressers! I do include cat food tho- them and teenage boys are v v v expensive!:eek:

    Have a great day everyone:D
    June Budget= £151.41/£150:cool:
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    Reduced my overdraft a little today- slow but sure!:A
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    Hi guys it's been a long time - and loads of changes!! hubby and I are both going to uni/college in september and i need to reduce my spend so am on a mission!!!

    Mrs M can you please take me off the yearly total (it's too hard) I normally budget £100 for my monthly shop (nappies and storecupboard stuff) plus £40 each week for local shopping. (this does include the kids extras such as a swimming trip toddler groups or Jungle jims though) but we've been spending about £400 which can't go on. I'd like to get down to £300 by the end of August!!

    Can you please put me down for £380 for june I've already spent £253.29 (this is a 5.5 week month for me as I started when I got paid on 25/05 and am ending on 30 June!) so that leaves me with about £35 for the next 3.5 weeks!

    Sorry for the essay!
    wk1 £0/£100 NSD's 0/7
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    Well I've already spent £103.97/£110 for my first week leaving £6.03 for the next 4 days!

    It's half-term that is causing me problems, having to do lunches for kids and ending up buying p*ingles and such junk. I spent £12.94 today!

    I have got some reduced stuff from the C*op, minced lamb, chipolatas and chicken breast which will come in useful later on and (hopefully) keep next week's total down.

    I made the sweet and sour pork recipe from the front page the other day and it was straight-forward and very nice (my two favourite things in a recipe) ...so many thanks for that :).
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    Another £7.50 for me today be glad when little un is back in school out and about everyday at the mo..
    may groc challenge £167/£280...
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    Just £1 for me from yesterday ~ 3 pack of tuna from £Land!
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    Afternoon all from very sunny Gloucester :D

    Quick update from me - day 3 into the month and I've already spent £106.03 - although this does include spends on 2 days out on things like icecreams. Shopped at Mr S today (voucher) and was very good - I only bought on-list items and counted as I went around to make sure I spent enough for my voucher and no more - I spent £1.46 over the required amount, so was pleased (I'd made it a £1 over in my head - rounding up and down as I went along). The rest of the stuff on the list I've carried forward to next week's shopping :) (when I have another voucher to use)

    greent x

    Quick ETA:
    went to an Asda in Slough on way home last night for drinks 10 mins before closing - picked up drinks and some snacks and then there was an announcement to say that all teh bread in the foyer was now free - so picked up 4 small granary rolls, 3 x 6 white finger rolls, a pack of 4 Rankin soda bread farls, a white sliced Hovis loaf (we don't generally like it, but DS3 (1) will eat it) and a pack of 12 Kingsmill 50:50 sliced rolls - all for gratis - result!! I couldn't believe that no-one else was interested. I left the several other white sliced loaves (don't like and no room), the cheesy bread, the gluten free loaves (4) and several open packs of rolls (couldn't be sure of hygiene!!) and something else that I can't remember taht we didn't like.

    My mum has also just given me 6 f/r eggs from her friend's hens - more freebies, as she didn't want any money :D
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    hiya - gonna post and run today - spent £3.79 at Mr T on bananas, cheese and bread flour... Not gonna have chance to post much at the weekend cos I get my house keys tomorrow (yippee!!!) and will be busy moving but just want to say keep at it everyone! I have every confidence that I will make this months budget even though I am moving house!!! :D
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    OH is a fisherman, so, free food that way (but I don't like fish, shhh!) must make an effort to try recipes that are fishy but disguise the taste :D anyone living on the suffolk coast want to trade? lol

    Could you not sell the fish to friends family etc to top up your grocery budget my aunt lives in belgium and her husband is a fisherman and i know she sells half and keeps the other half for them but she uses the money towards her grocery budget.

    Hi everyone and welcome to all the newbies. I have just been to tesco and done some shopping £28.34 after my tokens were taken of:T I still have to get fruit and veg but will get it from the local farm shop as its so much cheaper. DD has decided she wants a home made cake for her birthday next week so that will save me loads.

    ETA I have had 4 no spend days this week am really pleased!
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    Mr. A arrived with all goods ordered @ a total of £173.22 :eek:

    This is my first month trying the "one big shop a month" approach, so we'll see how it goes. Have a feeling I've probably over ordered on some things and under on others. Better with practice is the theory :D

    IF I don't have to get anything other than milk/bread/fruit/veg I should come in well under the £275 allocated for June. Time will tell!
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