June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    NSD on food yesterday (but as someone else said, it followed a big end-of-May spend). It was an economical tea: I reused the leftover mince from the day before, added some manky mushrooms and half a leek, stock and a bit of gravy granules and turned it into a very nice cottage pie. Children had mash and cheese with beans.

    Today we're going on a family trip to York and OH is planning a pub lunch, but that's entertainment 'budget' not food. Unless we spot something special to bring home, it'll be a NSD. Tea will depend on what lunch turned out to be, but probably I'll do something with eggs as I have 12.
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    Hi all life in the sty has been and is being rather chaotic! Will try and keep up better with posts this month:o I would like to declare £1238.11 so far this year that puts me £188.11 over budget:mad: need to be more organized with quick meals keep having more unwell than well days so they grab chips etc:mad: plus think I need to read through receipes think dh is getting bored with some of the dinners:( my get up and go has got up and gone, off to read your posts for inspiration:D
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    Had a no spend day yesterday and also intend one today im going to have a massive spring clean mainly to keep me put of the fridge picking, slimming world weigh in tonight and today is my day off from work for the week pathetically its also my day i lose the plot slimming ahhhhhh to be a size 10 with a appetite of a gnat lol have a fab day all x
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    Sorry Im late.

    Please put me down for £240.00 this month although things have already gone a bit haywire.

    Hope everyone else has a good month.

    NRA x
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    Can you put me down for £300again please
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    Managed an NSD yesterday. And we had a reasonably frugal tea - meatballs which had been whoopsied and frozen a few weeks back, tomato sauce that had been a bogof, and spaghetti.

    We're so busy at work these days though, and trying to keep juggling all the family stuff going on (and keep the plot going without utterly succumbing to weeds) that we are using more jars of sauce than usual and less fresh veg also. I don't mind in that we keep a few jars for emergency times like this, and we do cook from scratch a lot so will get back to that more often when things calm down (we are still managing 2-3 meals per week from scratch (or previously from scratch and homefrozen), but my freezer stocks of double batch dinners are almost gone too).

    We're away this weeekend though, and I will get lots of nice things in the farmer's market, and we will all catch up on sleep. And MIL will feed us lots!! So next week will be better.
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    can you put me down for £400 for june please MrsMc (i thought id done it already but cant find it now) got be good this month ive had to send off the balance cheque for the holiday.

    was hoping for a NSD yesterday but had to go out for catfood as id run out and roger was not a happy kitty
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    I managed it for my first week - just - and only then by using my Tesco vouchers. On a weekly budget of £40, my first week came in at £39.73. Ah well, there's 27p for the savings pot. I do need to get this down, though because, as I say, I used my vouchers so it should have been a lot more.

    Been working solid since Friday, though, totally head down. And that meant I had 3 NSDs, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. If I walk to the library and hairdresser tomorrow, I'll save that little bit of petrol as well.
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    Morning all

    Well, we did our first shop of the month yesterday....€30.50 ... not bad considering the fruit I got... but there was no fresh meat on there as I have plenty in the freezer (and no freezer space :p)
    • 16 toilet rolls
    • fabric softener
    • 1lt milk x 2
    • big pots natural yogurt x 2
    • quark with herbs x 2
    • ham x 2
    • creamy fruit yogurt x 6
    • 3kg potatoes
    • 2kg carrots
    • 2kg onions
    • ice berg
    • cucumber
    • spring onions x 2
    • 500g plum tomatoes
    • 500g cherry tomatoes
    • 500g red peppers
    • 2 jars carrots *for SW soup*
    • 1.5kg bananas
    • pineapple x 2
    • 2kg apples x 2
    • watermelon
    • frozen mixed berries x 2
    • gherkins mmmmm
    • bamboo shoots
    • crispbreads -hubby eats these like they are going out of fashion
    Hex-thanks for the quiche idea..I have seen it -but not tried it yet.
    KITTY - there are some lovely recipes in the SW books (I don't have the one you mention though) .... the Lancashire hot pot is stunning -but it uses lamb fillets so its quite costly .... Indian curried pork patties are one of our faves..
    I have noticed though that some of the recipes are a bit :eek: on the portions... I did their honey pork the other day -the recipe says allow 2x7oz pork steaks per person :rotfl:there is no way we could -or would eat that much -so I adjust to suit (1x6oz pork escalop each was plenty), the patties allow 2lb of mince to serve 4 ...I halve the recipe for the 2 of us -but we make 3 servings from it ;)
    Anyway -enough waffle... Im off to update the list, have a great day everyone :D
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  • PablosmummyPablosmummy Forumite
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    Well I had a NSD yesterday. Made enough tomato soup for all my lunches this week, made choc muffins for OH lunch box (enough for two weeks!) and made tortillas wraps which were also for Oh lunch box.

    I was going to make cheesey spinach pancakes for dinner and freeze the leftover pancakes for a dessert but I ran out of eggs and had to rethink, so I made spinach and sweetcorn tortillas instead which were gorgeous AND got my Oh to eat a salad! just made a balsamic dressing to go with it and he loved it. Ha its only taken me six years!!
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