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Mobile Phones in Australia

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Party_AnimalParty_Animal Forumite
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Can anyone advise the best option. We'd like 2 phones in Aus so we can keep in touch, while I'm watching cricket and she's doing the shops etc. We're out there for 5 weeks. Do we just hire simcards out there or phones? Our existing phones; mine's a Nokia works phone on Orange contract. The missus has a Nokia on Orange PAYG.


  • pinpin Forumite
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    Cheapest way would be to get local sim cards.

    However as both phones are orange, they are probably locked to the network. BUT, as they are Nokia, they are quite easy to unlock. There is a long thread in the mobile phones forum on how to unlock nokia phones.
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  • You can buy a couple of Virgin Mobile Australia SIMs once you're out there.

    Unlock the phones first, as Pin has pointed out.
  • nives316nives316 Forumite
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    I was there last year and got a Australian Vodafone sim .. text's were free at the weekend's to other Vodafone users...
  • tiamariatiamaria Forumite
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    My PAYG Orange would not work in OZ. I had a Virgin sim card there and could make a few calls on it but only 1 person in the UK could manage to ring me back, not sure what we were doing wrong, my aussie relative set it up for me so should have been ok. It was fine for local calls though.
  • You can buy a sim here on ebay, just type in the search box Australian Sim Card. There sre several options available.

    If you buy the Vodaphone Red, it can be set up on line before you go.
  • We bought a couple of vodafone reds when we were out there last year - found it cheaper to buy in oz than in UK.
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  • Amba_GamblaAmba_Gambla Forumite
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    i bought a vodafone sim out there... intl txts were dirt cheap.

    I think I paid $79 to get $240 worth of calls/txts etc (included up to 20mins of intl calls too...)
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  • baltbalt Forumite
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    Vodaphone are good, the sim costs $2 at Woolworths who are everywhere in NSW and 10% off topups a min of $20. There are various options so you would need to read the booklet that comes with sim.
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