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    For a start £200 is not that much for a toiletries bag, especially if it includes make-up! If I had to replace all of my make-up I reckon it would cost more like £300, up to £500 if including purfume. The reason being that the average lifetime of my make-up is around 3 years, making it around £10 per month for make up and most of my purfumes were gifts. I don't think thats bad because people choose to spend their spare cash on different things. My OH, for instance, seems to think that buying football stickers is a reasonable thing to do, whereas it seems like a waste on money to me. Besides, we aren't being asked to judge the OP for how much is spent on toiletries.

    I think this all sounds like a scam and would make the claim anyway. Think, if it was in the UK, would you feel bad reporting someone for stealing if they looked all innocent and said they 'forgot to pay'?
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    I'd take the money.

    It is up to the hotel how they discipline their staff.
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    £200 is not that much for toiletries. And I would request the hotel compensates me for the loss, at the end of the day they are responsible, they employ the twit/thief so it's up to them to sort it out! And it's between the hotel and the cleaner to work out how they work it out.
    I expect a maid to change the sheets and empty the bin, not decide what is rubbish.
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    £200 may be your expensive toiletries, but could be her rent or grocery shopping for a month. If she'd stolen it, I'd be raging, but mistaking it for rubbish is a mistake. Though I'd have thought it would have been heavy enough to think it wasn't just plastic bags? The OP is not at fault for wrapping them up, nor is it anyone's business how much they spend on toiletries. But I do think that if you can afford to spend thatmuch on holiday toiletries, then you're probably in a better position financially than a girl who is cleaning hotel rooms and who made a mistake. It's a lot for you to lose, but it's only shampoo's etc. If it's her shopping bill for a month it's even worse for her to lose.
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    I think it's a shame so many people are judging the whole £200 thing, it's more than I would spend but then I have a friend who's a low paid nurse and buys nothing but designer make-up/toiletries. To her, £200 is a lot to replace them all in one go as she has accumulated them over a space of a few months.

    It sounds a bit suspect to me - this can't be the first time someone has left lying a carrier bag lying around a hotel room, if this is her excuse then she must have received complaints before!
    A cleaner shouldn't pick it up unless the carrier bag is specifically next to the bin, tied up and on the floor. If you left it on the floor near the bin then it's your fault but it's likely the cleaner will be counting on you feeling bad.

    If it really is a big problem, tell the hotel a few bottles were half empty and that the contents would only be worth about £50-100. This way, you get something towards replacing and the maid will be taught enough of a lesson to ensure she doesn't make the same 'mistake' again!
  • Lets look at it this way - the value of toiletries I would take on hol are worth about ten to twenty quid
    would I scream too much ?........well maybe I would jump up and down and wave my arms a lot BUT I would write it off as a lesson learnt, say it is only £20 and not demand recompense from a poorly paid member of staff whose wages for the week probably dont equal that.
    The £200 of toiletries that the lassie lost are worth the same to her as the £20 worth are to me. Therefore I would expect her to think and do exactly the same.
  • Cleaners should never throw away anything that isn't in the bin, especially something that has been wrapped up, is considerably heavy (assumption made on the value!) and I assume not just lying around on the floor. Sorry to be mean about this but it's not your fault and you shouldn't have to pay to restock your bag. Whether the hotel take it out of her wages or not is nothing to do with you, in fact they shouldn't even have told you that is what they are going to do, I agree it was probably said to make you think twice but don't. Like I said no one should ever throw anything away in your room that is not in the bin - that is normal hotel policy, how do they know you don't want the old newspaper, box, plastic bag etc etc.
  • I'm just back from Turkey and have been about 12 times in last 4 years. This whole cleaner issue is quite common, be it tales of theft or safe box codes being available to all staff. This time the manager of our hotel tried to charge me £2.50 as ther cleaner found a towel in my room with face make up on it. Since I don't wear make up on hols it was impossible but I had no way of proving it as all the hotel towels were the same (white)! Anyway I refused and he backed down but I heard he tried it on with lots of people to the tune of £10 in some cases. It's not the cleaners that are the problem and they earn a pittance. More a case of managers trying to pull a fast one at the expense of their lowly staff. My advice would be to threaten the manager with some reports on Trip Advisor/Holidays Uncovered etc.. saying what a low life manager he is to punish his staff so severely for an innocent mistake. £200 is usually a few months' wages in Turkey so I hope the cleaner hasn't got any mouths to feed at home.
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    The value of the items is irrelevant to the question being asked; the dilema isn't about how much you do/don't spend on stuff.

    If the hotel is part of a chain or a package holiday I would escalate the complaint to head office or the tour company. When doing so I would inform them fully of the manager's response - I doubt it's company policy. Even if it is company policy, they would probably compensate you without taking it from the maid in order to avoid negative publicity. (£200 is a drop in the ocean to them financially).

    Small, independent hotel - not too sure. It depends on how scrupulously and fairly run they are; and if they're not then they've probably sacked her already.

    A VAST majority of service personnel are very honest and hardworking (been there, done that) but as in every sector of the population there are bad apples who will use their position of trust to get as much as they can for themselves - this is a possibility.

    In the end, it sounds like the hotel is making excuses and trying to fob you off.
  • For all those people aghast that the hotel owner/company would consider recovering the cost from the cleaners wages....

    Even in this country they can do that - a company can recover up to 10% of gross pay, per pay period in order to recover cash or stock losses incurred as a direct result of a staff member's action/inaction!

    Personally I would not have had anything of value left in the room (and in any case all the toiletries I own would cost about £35 to replace...), and if it went missing, for whatever reason, because I provided the opportunity for it to be taken, i'd just chalk it up to experience and get on with my trip!
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