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MSE News: Crackdown on doorstep energy salesmen

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"The major energy firms cannot sell you energy in your home if you opt out, but others should still beware this tactic ..."


  • best to not let them in, at all. get a recoring of a loud dog, and play to deter doorsteppers!
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    Putting a sticker on the door wont stop them at all, it all seems like an empty gesture to me.

    They just ignore stickers and try to say they arent salesman they are conducting a survey or some such rubbish.
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    "Door to door salesmen
    welcome to talk to
    retirement home residents
    who love visitors"
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    where do I get a cold caller sticker from - if they ignore that and set my 3 dogs off they are risking live and limb if I open the door to unexpected visitors without time to lock dogs away -then again the dogs did scare off a very persistant pesky npwr sales rep who would not take no for and answer and called 3 times
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    I just check from my window and if they have any of the logo's on their clothes or a clipboard I don't answer the door! I'm fed up with being told rubbish - "Oh no I'm not trying to get you to change supplier or I'm here to check your meter to make sure your on the right tarriff" and so on. I know I can look a bit green sometimes but I'm not that stupid!!

  • I hate it being pestered in supermarkets too. They dont take 'no' for an answer

    I have a sign no cold callers issued by TDS and they still call I never once signed up with them
  • What if they still call, I hope we can have recourse perhaps a fine when a complaint is given and that money given to local charity
  • I'd also like to know where to get door stickers. There's a couple of older ladies who I want to give them to who are often getting harrassed by these guys. I wanted to punch one guy when he wouldnt listen to her saying she wasnt interested and put his foot in her doorway. Poor thing was all shook up, a sticker would help.
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    A year ago one of them was really pushy, but I eventually agreed to let him get someone to send me paper information so I could read it over and compare in my own sweet time.

    He then asked me to write my name and address down on transfer form and pretended that was the best way for me to get the info I have just requested! Even asked me to sign!

    "Oh, but you'll have a few days to change your mind, Mrs M!"

    I had a few seconds to slam the door in his face too.

    He had a trainee with him. I hope she was taking notes.
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    I had one call last week from EDF who could hardly speak English and got the usual spiel saying that he knew that this was a no cold calling zone:mad: and that he was only informing us of our rights to move our energy supplier (Old news if you use this site) our tarriff was rubbish blah blah yadiya "I can read your meter and show you how much you could save" blah blah yadiya

    He was very very pushy and luckily my DH was home on his break so he just stood in the doorway and wouldn't let him in. (I am disabled and can't stand for very long)

    We have a fixed deal with BG that will cost £70 to get out of and when we told him this he said that we should pay it and move to EDF :mad: :mad: :mad: So I said if they wanted my custom they should be prepared to pay the penalty that I would incur if I left my fixed term deal. At this point he left :j

    I have phoned my council and put in a complaint about EDF so hopefully we won't have to put up with any more of the bloody pests
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