PhD support group?

Hi all,
There's been a few threads lately about people stressing about being PhD students and writing up and such things like that.

A thought that maybe we could have a virtual support group?

I'm reasonably lucky as I am a scientific type person and I see other people during the day but I have just over run my third year and am now frantically working (10+ hours a day..ouch) to finish so I can submit by January.

There are nice moments when things are great and flashes of inspiration come by but most of the time it's long hard and boring.

Hope everyone is doing well today!!



  • Heth_2
    Heth_2 Posts: 472 Forumite
    I'm just finishing my second year, but am finding it pretty tough going. Also my husband is re-writing up big thesis after his viva going badly (major corrections and to re submit and another viva) as well as doing a full time job, so that is even worse.
  • I graduated with a PhD in Physics in 2005 - If anybody wants any advice or words of wisdom feel free to pm me or leave a message here.

    I also overshot my 3yrs - although 3yrs is VERY optimistic for an experimental PhD - I hear that the EPSRC and other funding councils are considering extending the length of funding in the future (too late for me though) - I got a job at the Uni as a research assisstant in my 4th year.

    I have a few good websites and tips on viva's if anyone is interested - I'll post them here when I can get home and access my PC.
  • melancholly
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    I'm at the end of my second year too. The stress is piling up and I have so many experiments to do next year that it's going to be very very busy!

    It is always nice to hear that other people are in the same situation - there is something to the idea that misery loves company!! great idea for a thread!!
  • Maybe you'll show me the door for not being a student, but I've recently completed my PhD in Clinical and Biological Chemistry. I'm currently a trainee Chemical Pathologist (in the NHS, though soon to be privatised :think: ) so I guess if anyone's doing something Chemistry/Medical Science or heaven forbid, Biology based :p you could PM me for agony [STRIKE]aunt[/STRIKE] uncle advice though be warned I have been known to hunt down and kill Arts students... :eek: so be wise :rotfl:

    CC :beer:
  • misskool
    misskool Posts: 12,833
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    All welcome aboard in this thread, as melancholly says, misery loves company.

    Since I started the rant, I thought I could start the rants! I've sent my laptop in to be fixed and it feels like I'm dealing with untrained's too late now to deal with anything so will have to ring them tomorrow. Seems a bit frustrating when it feels like real life gets in the way of the PhD! Or am I the only weird one here?

    Hey CrazyChemist: How's about I grill you in molecular biology techniques. I need to troubleshoot a Western blot, :D
  • DrFluffy
    DrFluffy Posts: 2,549 Forumite
    I graduated from my D.Phil in 2003, so am now far enough away to have fond memories, but close enough to still remember the pain and fear! Subject matter: molecular biology/cancer research.

    I almost Western blotted my way to an early grave ;):D
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  • pboae
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    I'm not a student anymore either, I graduated from my Cognitive Neuroscience PhD in 2004, those were not the happiest days of my life ;-) I handed it in on the final day of my 4th year. I've got one paper left to write up, and I am still dodging phone calls and emails form my supervisor about it. It was my favourite experiment, and there's probably only a few days work left to do on it, but I can't imagine ever being able to get the courage up to go back to that data again.
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  • As promisied a link to a good website with regards to defending your thesis in a viva.

    I know I promised a few... but I can't find the links for them anymore - but this one is great - and not only does it give you info on your viva it goes into how to about your whole PhD...

    I know its Australian but I still found it invaluable and most of what it says applies to PhDs in this country (in particular scientific theses).
  • cupid_s
    cupid_s Posts: 2,008 Forumite
    Another PhD student here. I'm having a big stress about my second year report. And i don't even know why cos it doesn't really matter that much. I am just getting bad writers block.

    I have already resigned myself to the fact that i'm going to majorly overrun. The funding at our uni is now for 3 years 6 months to incldue half a year for writing up. Why didn't I take an extra year or 2 out?

    One problem is that my husband is also just about to go into his third year. So we'll both overrun and I can see us having no money at all for 6 months and I just keep stressing that we wont be able to pay the mortgage, and then these crazy ideas keep running around my head.

    And my western blotting hasn't worked for about 7 months now. Grrrrr. Any trouble shooting tips DrFluffy?
  • studentphil
    studentphil Posts: 37,640 Forumite
    Of course a good flowing argument throughout the different sections helps. If the thesis is writen like a rag bag of small sections then that is not a good piece of work.
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