Real life MMD: Should I keep the cash?

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Should I keep the cash?

My friend & I are both 17 and do early morning paper rounds in our village. She often calls in sick when she's hungover, so I have to do her round on top of mine. One day, one of the householders gives me a bit of extra cash, thinking I'm the usual papergirl. Should I pass it on to her or keep quiet?
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  • GrevesonGreveson Forumite
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    Well you've done the work so technically it's your money.

    However she's your friend so for the sake of a bit of money, you may be better off giving it to her. Or possibly split it between you both.
  • scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    Unless you are a mindreader, the only way you would know that the householder thought you were the regular delivery girl is if they told you.

    Therefore you know the money isn't yours so you give it to your friend, it's hers.
  • tripledtripled Forumite
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    If you filling in was just a one off, I'd just pass the lot over, but being as you do the round quite regularly anyway I'd split it with them - perhaps go to the pub together and use it as a kitty or something?
  • ellybelly89ellybelly89 Forumite
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    Was the extra cash a tip? I wouldn't pass it on to her but may tell my friend I got a tip on her patch as it may encourage her to stop calling in sick for false reasons!
  • BarterBarter Forumite
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    Well I think the person gave the extra money to you - and you've done all the extra work; it's yours.
  • Split it equally. It's her friend's paper-round - but the keyword here is "often". The hungover girl "often" calls in sick and the friend bails her out. If the friend wasn't decent enough to fill in for the hungover girl, the latter would have been sacked long ago.

    The hungover girl owes her sober friend more than one favour - to split the extra cash is only fair.

    I might also subtly suggest some assistance for the girl with the persistent hangovers - she's drinking underage to a point where she's regularly (as implied with MSE Penelope's use of the word "often") hungover and unable to show up for work. That's not good - she needs a bit of help there.

    As regards the tip, I'd be tempted to keep it and stay quiet - but the decent thing would be to go halves.
  • ROB35ROB35 Forumite
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    tripled wrote: »
    If you filling in was just a one off, I'd just pass the lot over, but being as you do the round quite regularly anyway I'd split it with them - perhaps go to the pub together and use it as a kitty or something?

    Then she'd have another hangover!!
  • mrdeedsmrdeeds Forumite
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    the money is obviously yours!
  • kinkyjinkskinkyjinks Forumite
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    In my opinion it would depend on a couple of factors. Like who do you think really deserves the tip? How many days that week/month did she deliver papers and how many times you covered her round in that time period. Maybe the lady in question gives your friend a tip on a regular day so how many times have you done the round on that particular day for your friend? If it was a regular thing then would your friend not be expecting a tip on that day?

    At the end of the day it's your conscience so only you really know if you or your friend ultimately deserves the tip. I guess if you cover her paper round sometimes, that also means you get paid to do that job. I would also imagine it's not a huge amount but what's more important...your friendship or whatever you can buy with the tip if you believe it's your friends money?
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  • eileenfromplaistoweileenfromplaistow Forumite
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    This girl is abusing the friendship - she sees nothing wrong in calling in sick, regardless of the inconvenience to her employer and "friend". So she obviously has no appreciation of the value of the job, and the one who does the work should get whatever extra is going! :j

    The ones who say "share it" or "hand it over" are pandering to her poor work ethic - why would she have to change if she isn't losing anything?
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