'How much do you take out at the cash machine?' poll discussion



  • Fluffi
    Fluffi Forumite Posts: 324 Forumite
    £20 probably twice or three times a week to cover lunches, the odd coffee on the way to work, pub drinks and taxis. I don't like carrying lots of cash so prefer to withdraw it as I'm likely to need it - normally will only make 2 withdrawals unless I go to the pub or out with my friends more than once that week!

    I tend to go out for lunch at least once a week and I prefer to pay cash because it takes ages to pay when more than one person wants to pay by card. I also have to pay cash in the employee restaurant because it doesn't take cards. I prefer to pay for drinks in the pub cash and if I'm traveling home after midnight then there are no buses so I get a taxi for the 2 mile ride from the station home.
  • Gordon_the_Moron
    Gordon_the_Moron Forumite Posts: 1,472
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    I too don't like carrying a lot of cash so I withdraw as and when I need it. Since there is three free ATMs outside where I work so its no hassle, but its only to cover pub spending, eating in the canteen at work and odds and ends where I can't use a card. I live with my parents still and do the entire family's shopping and my parents pay me for it, I put that on my card and they give me cash so since I started doing that I virtually never use a cash machine as I've usually got cash in the house.
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  • Coveredinbees!!!!
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    I normally get cash back in the supermarket, most stuff goes on card these days.
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  • sellingmysoul666
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    £60 once a month the rest is dd or credit card
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  • Rosemary7391
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    I get £10 a week out for buying lunch things, I have to feed the washing machine change, and odd bits and pieces.
  • dzug1
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    Usually £45 a week - rarely need to top up, sometimes lasts two weeks.

    And I suppose it's not really an ATM - over the counter but using my debit card and PIN. What does that count as?
  • teddyco
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    What about a poll that asks:

    Should the UK taxpayer bail out the Euro and offer unlimited loans for future countries within the EU that suffer economic meltdown?
  • scottishlass
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    £30 to last the month (so that I get a least one tenner) - the majority of my spends go on my credit card so this £30 is usually for bus fare, coffee breaks at work and the occasional shopping where item comes under £5 and the shop doesn't accept cards etc.
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  • ThinkingOfLinking
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    O. It varies. If I need a large amount, eg when I pay my rent, I go into the branch to withdraw the cash instead. I tend not to carry much cash, preferring instead to use my debit card.
  • Payless_2
    Payless_2 Forumite Posts: 3,123 Forumite
    I find that I don't really need to take anything out now. I paid my son's car insurance for him last year and he pays me back weekly on payday. As I pay for most things by debit card these days, these payments and his board mean that I am more likely to put cash into the bank every month. Once upon a time it would pay for my alcohol at the weekend.
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