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Martin Q&A about his work and the site

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  • pink_princesspink_princess Forumite
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    Martin, How do you intend to hit your targets given to you by MS? You say the site will remain the same in ethos so how do you plan to hit them?
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
  • .. you.

    A friend was allegedly defrauded by their adviser when they applied for a mortgage.
    They applied for a product that had the survey included as many mortgage product did back then. The lender they choose offer this aspect as one of their main USPs as a matter of fact.

    Allegedly the adviser omitted to outline this clearly

    During the application the adviser took payment for a valuation survey although the only survey conducted was the valuation by the lender. This was the inclusive survey they, the lender, offered anyway. Records are kept by the surveyors detailing who instructed the survey valuation.

    It has come to light that this has happen to a number of parties now!

    Is this the next PPI scale discovery?

    If you're advised by a party that gain a placement fee payment from the lender for providing said advice and who was a qualified party too. Where does the blame elevate to if this party defrauded the mortgagee.
    The Lender?
    The Adviser?
    The Packager?
    The Packager's malpractice insurer?
    The Adviser's malpractice insurer?
    The Lenders Insurer/s?
    Or all the above?

    Once the fraud is proven through transaction history/record such a scanned copies of the cheque/s used to pay the supposed valuation company. What would the next steps be?

    MSE can you help what could be 1000's of mortgagees, some repossessed, some struggling and some just cheated...

  • Do you feel happy when achieved all these great things? Do you still think you could achieve more?
  • Why does MSE still promote Amazon ?

    I would have thought that the recent tax evasion revelation would have been a deal breaker.
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
  • Jenna_AppleseedJenna_Appleseed Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Why have an q&a if Martin doesn't answer them & the staff don't vet it?
    "And suddenly I find myself listening to a man I've never known before,
    Telling me about the sea..."
  • gregg1gregg1 Forumite
    3.1K posts
    Martin, why are you ignoring the fact that it is St George's day today yet every other British (and some non British) country's special days are recognised. Disgraceful!
  • Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Former MSE
    9.6K posts
    I've helped Parliament Rampant Recycler Savvy Shopper! Stoptober Survivor
    Hi gregg1, the team aren't in the office yet :)
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  • gregg1gregg1 Forumite
    3.1K posts
    MSE_Andrea wrote: »
    Hi gregg1, the team aren't in the office yet :)

    With respect, St George's Day is always on this date and perhaps next year it could be marked a little earlier on in the day. It appears that is possible as it happens with other occasions.
  • Mr_KMr_K Forumite
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    Car Insurance Carver!
    How much in commission has MSE made from the Cheap Energy Club to date ?
  • mehermeher
    15.9K posts
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    Mr_K wrote: »
    How much in commission has MSE made from the Cheap Energy Club to date ?
    You go around and ask everyone about their assets and inheritance?

    in any case commission is for cheap comparison sites - mse is a bigger entity, this site only gets royalties :D from all businesses and companies using this site as their platform for more customers, a little like Amazon,, qbid etc
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