Travel Food Help Please

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Hi, love this board and know how many wonderful ideas you ladies/gents have.
I'd like to pick your brains if I may?

We are going to an event in Scotland in a couple of weeks time. We travel up on the Friday, Event on Sat/Sun and drive home on the Monday morning.

There is 8 of us altogether and I need to feed us all during the day time on the Sat/Sun :eek:

We are stopping in a hotel, but will be away from there all day at the event and while you can eat on site the food is expensive and it's all chewy burgers and soggy chips. We will have breakfast/evening meal at the hotel but I need to feed 8 hungry mouths (all adults) during the day time.
Ideally I need food I can prepare on the Fri morning and take with me, we have 2 car fridges and multiple cool bags etc.
Drinks is not a problem, we always take multiple 2 litres of basics water frozen and a couple of bottles of squash.
Usually it's sandwiches and crisps but tbh it is getting pretty darn boring and i'm really looking for inspiration! I'd rather not go to the shops while we are away if at all possible but I can see this is going to be tricky.
I'm not adverse to ready made foods or getting my hands dirty, but stuff needs to last 3 days and be well less boring than plain old sarnies!
Thanks for reading and any help you can offer.

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  • BitterAndTwisted
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    I'd probably make quiches and pasties of some sort if sandwiches are out of the question.
  • CupOfChai
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    Are ALL sandwiches completely out of the question? Maybe try making them a bit more interesting by using pitta, bagels, other different types of bread rather than just the usual sliced loaf.

    Aside from that, certainly quiches, pasties, pies, Scotch eggs, pasta salads, Oriental-style noodle salads, dips with crudites and breadsticks... Maybe you'd be able to make a couple of large frittatas/Spanish omelettes to be cut into slices and eaten cold?
  • Pink.
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    Hi lisawood,

    What about some sausages that you've frozen before setting off...leave them in one of the car fridges or packed in with the frozen bottles of water to defrost slowly, some bread rolls and and a disposable barbeque to cook them on to make hotdogs? Depending on the weather stew or soup and some wheaten bread which keeps well?

    Actually as you have the fridges to keep the food cool, you could take almost anything. This thread has lots of ideas that may give you some inspiration:

    Any ideas for picnic food??

  • lisawood78
    lisawood78 Posts: 3,884 Forumite
    Thanks for the ideas so far folks, we usually end up with bread rolls or standard sliced loaves so variations on sandwiches would be ace.

    BBQ would be good but not allowed where we are going unfortunately.

    I think someone else can do the food next time!!
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  • BitterAndTwisted
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    Perhaps it's not sandwiches per se that are boring but that the choice of fillings needs a change. I also agree with CupofChai's suggestion about using different types of bread. Mmmm smoked Bavarian ham, swiss cheese and mustard on rye bread. Yummy!
  • wogglemaker
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    Are the little camping stoves allowed on site?

    The flat style with a small sit inside the unit gas bottle does hubby & I brill for days out mostly cuppas and sausage sarnies, but if he manages to catches me a mackrel on the south coast, that will be cooked within 10 mins of coming off the line!!
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  • lisawood78
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    Hmm, it is a possibility, i'll look into that, thanks wogglemaker!
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    Are you going to Rockness?!!

    ETA - Oops...that's not until June...getting a bit too excited! :)
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  • Tregemred
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    As well as different bread, fillings, quiche, pasties, etc., mine always take HM flapjack, apples and bananas. MRE's from Army surplus are good but expensive.

    The pasties they like can be either sweet or savoury (stewed fruit or jam/leftover curry/chilli/bolognese sauce, etc). I make 250g pastry, roll to approx. 5mm, cut out circles with 11cm cutter, put approx. a dspn of filling brush edges with egg, fold over and seal, brush top with egg, small slit to allow steam out, bake for approx 20mins. Good hot or cold. You could freeze them and use to keep all else cool.

    Or use phyllo/filo pastry, fold sheets in half to make long, thin rectangle, put filling at top left, leaving 1cm space along left edge. Bring right hand corner over to cover filling, continue folding until you end up with a triangular shape IYSWIM.

    HTH :)
  • joedenise
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    I always make cornish pasties when we're going out at the weekend. They are really nice cold and are easy to eat.

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