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I have a 10 year old Eucalyptus tree in my garden which has got too big for us to prune and has grown out of shape right at the top.

How much should I expect to pay for it to be pruned? It's about the height of the house and does anyone have any tips on finding someone reasonable and good? I've asked friends/family, but no-one has ever needed any pruning to be done


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    If it's the usual one, eucalyptus gunnii, you'd be best advised to get a proper tree surgeon in to do it, as they have notoriously brittle branches. This will cost you probably at least 100 pounds +.

    Do you know that they grow to about 80 feet? How far is it from the house? These trees should really be kept pruned well every year to maintain the juvenile foliage, which is the attractive aspect of them, rather than allow them to grow into trees as they aren't really suitable for most gardens.

    (In other words, if it were me, I'd be felling it - carefully! ;))
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    I think it's a normal one, it was a baby when we moved in. It is about 30 foot from the house, the trouble is, it's in the middle of a flower bed and is difficult to get near without squashing several mature shrubs and having a extra long ladder. My plan is to get it pruned short enough so we can keep it under control from now on
  • Tree surgeons and tree contractors who undertake "tree pruning" are highly skilled an reqiure additional NPTC tree climbing certificates to be able to undertake this sort of work safeley. The cost of such work can vary depending on what type of company you are obtaining a price from. Tree contractors usually work in gangs of 3 and are charged out at about £450 per day or £250 per half day. Your particular work is no more than half a day to a tree contracter. Smaller companies will work in pairs, with only two people in a team and will work out cheaper - if you can get a half day of a pair of tree surgeons. The other difference that will contribute significantly to the cost is the distance the company will have to travel. The best website I have found that deals with these issues is "tree contractors directory" where there is a county search and postcode search to find your nearest tree surgeon. Follow the advice in the customer information board on how to vet a trades person regarding qualifications, insurance and experience.
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    Based on work I had done on my conifers, I would say around £300 - £350 which would include taking away the prunings.
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    we have had several trees pruned over the years. get quotes. for the same job we were quoted from£250 to 750. the man we got to do it was qualified- charged £250 which was cheap. he did an excellent job and took away the timber. he said it would cost him over £100 to dispose of the cuttings. if you go to freecycle and advertise free wood for wood burning stoves etc you should get people who will come and take it. ask the tree surgeon to cut it up to pieces you can lift. when the wood comes down it looks a lot more than it does on the tree. also check to see if you need planning permission in your area
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    At the back of ours on a library car park is a large horsechestnut - for years we have been trying to get the council to prune it back as it causes a major lack of sunlight in the summer - back breaking leaf clearing and blocked gutters in the autumn/winter. Finally got a visit the other day and then an email...

    As promised – I asked the Council’s arboriculture officers to take a look at the tree. He advises that there is scope to thin the canopy of the tree by about 25%. Permission would be required from the Conservation Officers for this to take place – and the request for the authority would take some 8 weeks to process. I am advised by our Legal Team that as the Council has no legal obligation to take such action, the costs would have to be borne by yourself. The price for the pruning would be £388.86 + VAT.

    ...Good eh!!????
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