Lawnmower/strimmer for bumpy lawn?

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I am not greenfingered at all, and have had a series of bad lawnmowers, so need advice please. Have just moved house, and am going to be here for a long time.

My back lawn is approx 10x7m, and is ok but a bit lumpy, not helped by the previous owners having 2 large dogs.

The front lawn is about 7x5m. The main problem is a large ish tree, with protruding roots.

How best to cut the grass? What kind of lawnmower would be best. Hubby seems keen on a flymo hovermower but I am not convinced. I think we might need a strimmer to go around the tree and roots. Threre are also a few wooded raised beds, and some decking in the back garden, which I think a strimmer would be best for, but hubby reckons he would do it with some kind of shears.

Would like to ake advantage of offers at Homebase or B&Q this weekend so any advice greatfully received.
What kind of lawnmower? Any specific reccommendations? Strimmer or shears? Am 7 mths pregnant and 4yr old dd just broke arm, so would really like some simple advice that's easy to follow - my blood pressure can't cope with too much shopping around at the moment!

Many thanks.


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