which..isa or tessa ??

Hi there, i currently have about 25k in a cahoot account paying 5.65 Aer, but, i dont have an ISA or a TESSA,ive never had one in fact,excuse my ignorence, but ime not sure what they are or the differance between them is,or which would be best for me?? if i was to take one or both out how much can i put in ?i seem to have read its a bout 3k or something & lastly can either of the above be taken out at any time of the yr ? & which is the best one on the market at the moment? thanks v much in advance..


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    i dont think you can get tessia anymore i think this is the remains of previous tax free savings products.

    first think you should do is get an postal ISA with abbey at 5.35%,
    5.35% outside of an isa would be about 4.2% so this 1% difference = £10 for every £1000

    second dump £3000 in there , after 4 months with get you about £40

    then when the tax year runs out on april5th you can put another £3000 in there.

    so basically

    you have an annual limit of £3000 to be put into a cash isa, once you withdraw money from it you cant put it back in until next finnanical year.

    there are maxi-isa which allow you to have £7000 invested in the stock market but if you hav ent got a cash isa i would recommend going for that first.

    see th articles on the left for more info.
  • thanks for the help ...
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