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MSE News: Bank branches irrelevant for many

This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Over half of MoneySavers have not been in their bank branch for at least a month, as the decline of the traditional banking hub gathers pace ..."


  • I'd love to be able to go in and get counter service on my way to work, however because the majority of my transactions are for a Halifax Easycash account (to get cheaper flights) I can't as they refuse to serve me. My OH can't even go into a branch to put money in my account as again they refuse to because it's Easycash and so relies on internet banking.

    However they are more than willing to welcome me with a query with my Reward Account. Funny really because the Easycash sees over £2k in a month and the Reward Account is there for the £5 p/m.
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    I bank with Norwich & Peterborough BS for my main account, living in Yorkshire we have no branches and day to day I have no need for one.

    However, I sold a van for cash on the Thursday before Easter. This highlights the fact that they are still needed.

    The only time I have seen a N&P branch was over Easter when I was by chance going to Norfolk for an Easter holiday.

    Obviously with it being bank hols the branches were shut.

    I have still kept an Abbey/Santander account open though for a reason such as this as rare as the circumstance arises.

    When I have had internet account with Smile and the like in the past the Post Office enabled you to make the cash deposits, I don't think N&P allow this though - or nothing was obvious on the website.

    On this visit to Santander at lunchtime though after Easter there was a queue but I was served swiftly enough, they had 3 people on the counter over lunch to help.
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    I've only ever been in a A&L Branch once and I've banked with them for more than 20 years-first Girobank than A&L.

    Now I've got Halifax reward account I might check out the small branch round the corner from me.

    Also have a Co-op account. Never been in a branch. I live in East London and the nearest branch is in Islington.

    I now use internet banking for most of my financial transactions.

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    If everything gets 'messed up' I think its best to still have branches after all its easier to take documents, explain your problem and lot leave until its fixed or a fix has been agreed.
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    I never like to go to any branch. Look at the queue of the customers, look at the hard face of the customer services...
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    The only time I ever go to a branch is to pay a cheque in. I hate going to the bank and post office, so inconvenient as I dont need any of the other shops that are near the bank. Parking is difficult so I try to visit just after opening.
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    Been in at least twice during the last month for stuff it's much easier to deal with face-to-face.
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    The branch network in the bank I work for is busier now than it has ever been, with the advent of atm, phone and internet banking you would have thought it has slowed down but not at all. As from the summer there is the real possibility of branches being open until 7pm and many more opening on Sundays to try to help with the demand.
    There are now very few people with out a bank account were as before phone and internet banking were common place there was still a lot of people operating in cash only.
    Even during the worst of the recession the foot fall into branches still remained high.
  • The only time I need a branch is to lodge money - and I can do that at a post office with my smile account.

    While banks mainly use branches as selling points, sometimes a face to face conversation is what it takes to keep a customer.
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    I don't think I've been along my High Street in the last month let alone going in the bank:eek:

    I drive to the next town, 6 miles away, and do everything there once a week.
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