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applying for balance transfer deals or consolidating loans


I am tryng to find a way to save money on interest and also enjoy the flexibility of doing so....i need your experienced help on this.

I have the following debts
LOAN 9,000 (Paying 262 /month) have 45months lefts



am better off trying to pay my cc off with bt or shd i consolidate it all in another loan?

please help


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    CannyJockCannyJock Forumite
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    What's the APR on the cards and the limits on them?

    You'll need to get a settlement figure for the loan to know how much you need to pay to clear it - it won't be 262x45.

    What's your credit history like and have you checked your credit report to ensure everything's in order there?
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    Yes, more info needed.

    The OP is a newbie and probably can't find the post again.

    Another brilliant move by the site admin to switch off the default thread subscription option to "do not subscribe"
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