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Santander - BT to card in another name


I have just found out that Santander only allow BT to a card in my name. I would like to move a balance in the other half's name onto this card of about £7k.

I don't currently have an Egg money account. Ideally I would like to avoid double BT fees and/or another application for a credit card. I have an empty Nationwide card and an empty Virgin card. However the balance to be transferred is with MBNA so the Virgin card may not be much use.

My initial thoughts as to possible solutions.
1) Try to negotiate a fee-free or v. low fee transfer with Nationwide at their standard APR and then pay it off with a BT from Santander
2) Try to do the same with Virgin - but I doubt they would go for this as it would be an intra-MBNA BT
3) Apply for a card with no fee BT but without the 0% deal as it is not needed - I thought there is probably more chance of being accepted for one of these deals too.
4) Apply for Egg Money card - v. loathed to do this as it will cost me £1 a mth

Any thoughts are gratefully received.



  • YorkshireBoyYorkshireBoy Forumite
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    N5girl wrote: »
    I have just found out that Santander only allow BT to a card in my name.
    You were told on the phone when making the request?

    Either try again or make the BT online (possibly registering first?).
  • N5girlN5girl Forumite
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    Yes - the woman said that they have never allowed BT to a card in another person's name. She said it would just bounce back. I did query it because I had never heard of that - especially as most couples spread the joy of debt between them.
  • N5girlN5girl Forumite
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    Have now registered for internet - but that will take at least a week for the pin no to come through.

    I did ask whether I could do a BT transfer while I was registering on the phone but before I got round to providing the details, I was told that you cannot do more than one at once and to call again on Monday. Again something I had never experienced before.

    I'll update on Monday.
  • JesseJames_2JesseJames_2 Forumite
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    BTed from my wife's Santander card to my Egg card so no problems as far as I am concerned.
    This was done on first application via the web.
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