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As usual this year I set myself a number of goals one of them being to actually put into action the stuff I have started to learn from Martin after buying his book over 6 months ago (ok so I am a slow starter)

This week I have achieved the following:

Switched my mortgage to a bank of Ireland discount rate with no fees and managed to knock 6 months off the term by paying £20 less per month

Swopped my buildings and contents insurance from the very expensive Halifax (£35.00 per month) who incidently I have been with for 18 years - misplaced loyalty I think - to Zurich for £19.00

Sorted all my savings accounts out to actually earn some decent interest

So just this week I am now a little better off per month. Not the most impressive saving I know but every little counts.
I have to say though the scariest thing I am doing this month is too write my day to day spending down. I really need to find a better deal on white wine and clothes!!!!!

Thanks Martin you have motivated me to actually start achieving a goal rather than just set it and forget it


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    Just wanted to say "Well Done"!! You're doing GREAT!

    Writing down your daily spending always seems a bit of a chore ... until you start to see those figures mounting - THEN it becomes a fascinating challenge ;)

    Keep up the good work :D
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