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taking it beyond the bone

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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in How much have you saved?
In these still difficult times what extreme or some may say desperate measures are people taking to save even a 0.00001 of a penny as we all know these little savings can mount up over a period of time,

Making sure you use the facilities when out and about or last thing before you leave work for the day thus saving on water, possibly electricity if you need to turn a light on at home in bathroom and toilet tissue (well it is known as spending a penny)

saving the shredded paper for cat litter or padding out when wrapping presents or pet bedding.

sitting in the library or elsewhere to keep warm rather than sitting at home using power.

I am sure peeps here have many other ideas or have done what in easier financial times they would not even consider
I am responsible me, myself and I alone I am not the keeper others thoughts and words.


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