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Our company regularly spends £4000/month using a credit card which we pay off monthly. It seems a shame not to benefit financially from this. Does anyone know what cc would give us the best bonus &/or be the most profitable to use?

All advice would be appreciated
Many thanks


  • sickersicker Forumite
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    Afraid bonus or cash back credit cards are for individuals. Doubt a company would qualify. This is ,of course is only my opinion, others may differ.
  • CannyJockCannyJock Forumite
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    An individual can use a personal credit card then claim the expenses back from the company. Incidental use wouldn't be an issue one way or another - systematic use could be viewed as the employee receiving a benefit in kind and subject to tax and NIC
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  • lafincalafinca Forumite
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    Thanks. Lawyer friends of mine in Canada use their cc to gain points & both benefit hugely from this practise. They use points for all their personal travel. Cc companies over there have great incentives! I'll ask about their tax liabilities.
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