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To use the covered plots or not?

End of summer before i had my baby we covered over 3 out of the 6 plots down the lotty. Now it's time to plant again and i have the tiny one with us things are a bit tricky. Would you
a) cover the uncovered plots and use the covered ones.
b)dig over the uncovered ones and keep the covered ones covered lol

bearing in mind we have a couch grass problem and a tiny babe.

I don't plan on using the whole lot this year as just don't have the time, i'm also baffled as to how other plots seem to have perfect mud/soil without a hint of grass problem what are they doing that i'm missing?



  • oldsamoldsam Forumite
    98 Posts
    Certain crops can be with covers in place with some success , Last year I went into hospital , I was not allowed to do much afterwards , But had covers that help stop the weeds on the plot , Which has a raised bed system. I grow cucumbers, marrows and squashes, Cauliflowers , Cabbages , Sprouts , Also a great way to get baby spuds . If you can a copy of Joy Larkcom's Complete Veg book this will give more idea's .
  • Fidget21Fidget21 Forumite
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    How are they covered? Is it just with black plastic or is it a mini polytunnel? I have 5 beds all 6x3 and one is covered. I've dug over the uncovered ones and have sown seeds in the covered one, but it's covered with a mini greenhouse/polytunnel thingy. It's still to cold to try too much in an uncovered bed and tbh the seeds I have sown have been slow to germinate and have stalled even more with this cold spell (except for the turnips which are going great guns!)

    Could you start some things off in seed trays at home to transplant into your beds once it gets a bit warmer?
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