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Hi All

I'm new to the whole stoozing process and after reading many old threads it seems I missed the golden days!

I have started small and would really appreciate any tips for next steps.

So far I am stoozing the £5 per month x3 accounts on the Halifax and RBS current accounts. I have a £1000 standing order leaving my main bank Lloyds on the 1st then rippling through the 3 reward accounts before ending back at Lloyds to qualify for the Lloyds vantage on 2 accounts.

Small fry I know but its automatic and makes me close to £200 per year for nothing.

I want to expand to credit cards, I currently have:

Barclaycard - 7.5k limit nil balance
Lloyds Mastercard -£15k limit nil balance
Virgin Visa - £12.5k limi nil balance

I used to have an Egg card, had it from when they lauched and then last year I had a call from them saying I wasnt wanted anymore (never missed a payment and used it quite a lot)and they closed my egg account.

I'm currently trying to be mortgage free (have a 150k repayment fixed at 4.99 for another 7 years)so am overpaying, would like to stooze so I can overpay more!



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    Overpaying on a mortgage from a stoozepot is potentially dodgy. You need to assume that you'll run out of BT offers at some stage and may have to repay at least one or two of your cards in order.

    Unless you'll be looking only at SBT cards and SBT fees, you'll be needing Egg Money as a mule card.

    Depending on your spending pattern, slow-stoozing can be an easy way to cut your teeth.

    Depending on the balance on your Vantage accounts, you might want to think about tweaking your standing order to 2x500 rather than 1x1000 - e.g. if your balance was around £7500 then you'd be keeping it maxed out on £7000 @ 4%.
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