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Best rewards/cash back credit card for £11,000 purchase?

my mum and dad are buing some double glazing for the house that is going to cost around £11,000 I believe. They have already paid the first £2,000 deposit on a credit card.

My mum asked me this morning about the best credit card to use where they may get some money back etc for using it.

They will pay off the credit card bill when it arrives so there is no issue on missing payments or anythign like that but just want to maybe get a few rewards/some cash back for using a credit card to buy it since it is quiet a hefty sum.

Can anyone suggest the best CC to use?
Both in regards to potentially transfering the £2,000 deposit balance on one CC to a better one and also which one would be best for paying the remaining £9,000.

Is one CC best or would they get better rewards if they split the payment onto 2 seperate CC etc?

Thank for the help (providing I get any) ;)



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