Can I get Life of Balance deal??

In a bid to get a grip on my debts.... Has anyone tried and succeeded doing something similar??

I have 2 credit cards, one with Nationwide £1700 (around half its limit) another with Virgin (MBNA) £4700 (near its limit).

I have a now clear Barclaycard (recently transfered the remaining £235 to Nationwide card) with a paultry limit of £260, they reduced it to this when I transferred the (most of) balance to Virgin. - There were a couple of charges with Virgin for going over limit and one when accidentally payed under the min...

Does anyone think I have a chance in hell of applying for a LOB card with Barclaycard (Simplicity)... Or in fact anyone else. Obviously it'll be subject to credit checks etc. Are they likely to laugh in my face or consider me if I'm ditching the more expensive cards entirely...

I also have a personal loan with 45 months remaining @ £377 p/month to count against me.


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    Standard advice is to check your own credit report, and if nothing adverse apply for one. Barclaycard has a pre-application checker you can try - though don't rely on the results being 100% accurate.

    Personally, I'd be tempted to apply for one anyway. Any debt that you can move onto a lower APR will save you money in the long term.

    Would be better moving this to the main credit card forum rather than in stoozing sub-board.
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