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I use 18866 and BT for line rental,if i bought a caller display unit,would this work with the above combination? I think i would have to subscribe (Free) to BT privacy at home,any thoughts?
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    Yes, using 18866 (or whoever) for your outgoing calls does not affect the receipt/display of CLI from incoming calls.

    However, be aware that, quite often, outgoing calls from your line will not carry a normal CLI if you use a 18866 prefix - they may show 'INTERNATIONAL' or your number in full international format to the recipient.

    To get Caller Display, dial 0800 916 55 44.
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
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