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MSE News: Budget 'to ensure bank accounts for all'



  • Old_Wrinkly
    Old_Wrinkly Posts: 5,182 Forumite
    That in order to operate as banks in the UK, organisations are forced to do some things they don't automatically want to do. But it is a condition of fully operating in that sector, and there are rules/laws that require it.
  • stella2009
    stella2009 Posts: 278 Forumite
    That in order to operate as banks in the UK, organisations are forced to do some things they don't automatically want to do. But it is a condition of fully operating in that sector, and there are rules/laws that require it.

    Being forced to offer accounts and products that that they don't wish to is a completely different aspect in my opinion.

    Yes there are codes and laws etc.

    Completely different.
  • Old_Wrinkly
    Old_Wrinkly Posts: 5,182 Forumite
    That's your opinion. It's not mine. Different opinions make life interesting. :)
  • Jen_31
    Jen_31 Posts: 343 Forumite
    "The British Bankers' Association says in a statement: "Everybody can have a bank account if they want one, unless, and this is rare, the law says they can't".

    I think most people now have some kind of bank account. Be it a savings account or Isa. If people have a job, then they NEED a current account to get money paid into. The only people with no current account / debit card is people who have never had a job through disability, but they still want to be able to buy stuff with a debit card. And this makes people feel like they are kinda lost in space, that they dont have a debit card and are unable to buy stuff.

    I think though if a person has had debt they are kinda stuck with their own demons, if they work they have a bank account with money in and its easy for them to over spend again.

    I had a savings account opened for me when i was a kid, and i think most people have something the same happen to them.

    I was turned down for a basic bank account cos i have some speech thing, and they said no, and i dont blame them now to be honest, but anyone like me, get a natwest step account :)

    for lots though, this coming into legislation will make no difference to them if they are say unable to speak, then the bank will still say no to them......

    Thats why i say get a natwest step account :)
  • Old_Wrinkly
    Old_Wrinkly Posts: 5,182 Forumite
    Is that IT, Mr Darling? :(
    Big build up, couple of throwaway comments ... :wall:
  • Carole1964
    I've a couple of experiences here, about four years ago and after massive charges (so big that the charges swallowed up the whole of my salary) from Nat West bank I decided to move to the Abbey they did a credit check on me and offered me a basic bank account, which meant that I could bank online and get cash out from the ATM . How I wish I'd stayed with just this one set up. six months later I was offered a debit card and was under the impression that if there wasn't enough in my account the card would be declined. How wrong I was I went over by £6.35 and was charged £136.35 in charges. I managed to get them to reduced the charges by £100 but was disgusted as this had happened many times in all I've probably spent £500 in charges since then. :mad:

    Recently I went to them to ask for a business bank account as I'd been made redundant and was eligible for a start up grant from my local council to start my own business. That was two weeks ago and although it wasn't refused I'm still waiting to hear??? Also within the branch there were no facilities for business banking everything was done from a call centre.:mad:

    I then came home and looked at free banking accounts on the web and filled in a brief form for LLoyds TSB, can you believe this their business account manager rang from the local branch and asked me to come in they gave me a business bank account straight away (the bank manager phoned up because of my credit score and then told them to overide this and open up the account for me I then asked about personal banking but I could only get a basic account from them although it does have debit card facilities so you can pay for petrol with your card when you are miles from a cash machine.
    I'll be happy with LLoyds I think as the decisions were able to be made on the day. I'm impressed with Lloyds and their personal touch, also they send me a text each day to let me know what my balance is.:j
  • Carole1964
    Carole1964 Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited 24 March 2010 at 3:34PM
    To Jen-31

    I think it's a disgrace that because of a speech thing you could have difficulty getting an account, you're obviously very intelligent and that kind of behaviour is discriminatory.
  • savagej
    savagej Posts: 1,158 Forumite
    Unfortunately, the Clydesdale along with other banks (athough most offer on-line applications so it is not a problem and sending ID by post) dont advertise they have a duty under the Disabiliti Discrimination Act.

    If someone asks for a paper application for any serviced to be sent to them and to apply for an account by post they MUST be allowed. They must also be allowed to furnish their ID documents by post.

    Try raising this in a branch or on the phone CB/YB will try anything to get out of it.
  • chambta
    chambta Posts: 2,770 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Of those 'unbanked', number unknown, how many have actually actively tried to open an account?
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