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Great 'Free week-end activities' Hunt

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  • Does anyone have any idears where i could get cheap days out for a child with adhd?
  • :jHi, we have been geocaching for about 18 months now and love it. We,ve been to some lovely places locally and further afield. Some we have walked to, others on our bikes and some you can almost find from the car window. Some geocaches follow a theme - my favourite one was a number of different ice cream parlours in the Blackpool area - yummy!! If we are going away or off for the day I usually print off two or three geocaches in the area and take them with us even in France. We don,t have a special GPS we use the car Sat Nav which is a Garmin - not perfect but we have found it fine - better than buying another specialised one. Just make sure the battery is well charged abd that you put it in to pedestrian mode if you are walking. Have fun!!:j
  • susiebsusieb Forumite
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    Sorry i was late in getting back to you about geocaching, so thanks for the other posters for filling in. We have doen it for almost 3 years now, and even book holidays around areas we want to cache now. We take advantage of the £9 travelodge sales, not minding where we go as there are always caches nearby.

    We do have a stand alone gps, its only a garmin bought for £20 from ebay, and better than using the sat nav as it more accurate and waterproof.
    Always on the hunt for a bargain
  • We've recently started Geocaching, and are thoroughly enjoying it. We've visited some truly lovely places which we didn't even know existed, some in walking distance from our home! It's a fantastic way to get excercise as a family (or by yourself) and it's fun seeing what other people come up with. As one poster has already said, some folks do themed caches, and then there's also trackable items that you can find in caches which have missions to complete.
    I'd highly recommend it, it doesn't need to cost a lot, and if you have a gps phone already, it's also worth looking into what free software there is for it. I use a combination of google maps, GCZII and Basic GPS software on my MDA Vario III, and it works well for us. Our sprogs enjoy the shorter walks, or the 'cache and dash' ones, where you park and its a short walk to the cache site. Geocaching has spread into other areas of our life as well....our eldest has US penfriends, one of which also does geocaching, so we have sent trackable items to them to continue their mission in the US :D Fantastic way of incorporating geography, writing, and excersice :D

    Sorry about the essay lol, we're now setting up our first multi cache, we're that hooked!
  • edited 31 March 2010 at 2:36PM
    susiebsusieb Forumite
    1.5K posts
    edited 31 March 2010 at 2:36PM
    Geocaching was featured on countrytracks this weekend, you can still watch it on iplayer to give you an idea of what its about.

    it starts at 53.30 mins in.
    Always on the hunt for a bargain
  • chomperschompers Forumite
    39 posts
    we just started geocaching last weekend and really enjoyed being out and about, and the kids thought it was great fun! we used our satnav which worked OK for us:T
  • When it's not wet (but not necessarily hot as you can wrap up suitably), a picnic is a great way to make lunch a really special and fun occasion. This is particularly true in London where a nice picnic in Hyde Park or Regents Park is far cheaper than any nearby dining options. Don't forget to put your litter in the bins provided!
  • ChiaChia Forumite
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    Are you allowed to keep the stuff you find when geocaching, or do you have to put it back? (I know that's not the point of doing it, but I'm just curious).
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