now costs £4 extra if you don't pay by dd...ntl

:mad: I have just found out that ntl are now charging £4 to you if you don't pay your phone bill by dd. This is now doubled, it was previously £2,and i'm sure i got no letter telling me of their 'new and improved service'... dd is fine if you know for sure your benefits will be paid always on time, (mine arent), then it would incur a bank charge, etc.

I just don't feel now that i want to continue with ntl,and their tricks and hidden costs..I have phone line, tv and broadband with them, i have £17.99 broadband at moment and basic tv pack. I keep my phonebill low purposely.

Question is who is the best cheapest broadband to go with, and if i cancel my tv will i be able to get itv2 on freeview, i need to have this to record corrie omnibus...

Also bt - are they cheaper to have a landline with? Has anybody used kingston communications? and if so are they good?
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