Declaring War on Corn Flies

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  • Yes exactly, and here I am on 28 June 2018 reading this "12 year old post", and grateful for her input - ppl scour the internet all the time looking for answers to things, and this was what I was searching for today! They are annoying, repetitive little pests! I am glad this thread exists, it's lessened my anxieties, and given me tips as to how to possibly get rid of them! Just because a post was written from before time began, doesn't mean people can't still comment on it - who said? Where are the rules that state we can't? What will happen if we do?
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    Do they have branches here in the UK?
  • Closing windows and doors won't help as they are so tiny they can get into any gaps which we can't even see - hence the reason they get inside the TV / laptop screens etc.

    They really are a pain in bum, and they are highly resistant to insecticides. My youngest son moved out to live with his fianc!e near town, and the one thing he noticed is that they don't seem to get them there - lucky lad!

    If you have a look in Wikipedia under Thrips, you should find information about the corn flies, but it won't tell you how to get rid of them. I think I'll go for a roll in the lavender bushes we have in the front garden and see if that gets rid of the little !!!!!!s :)

    As for responding to 11 year old threads - well, some things are timeless, and these corn flies will be around for many years yet to come I'm sure.
  • There many ways to control flies like for indoors, keep the doors and windows to the outside closed as much as possible. If you must have windows and doors open, then you must position a fan to blow outward towards the opening, deal with your garbage properly, get rid of standing water, use cedar-based products regularly on your property to create a barrier that controls flies. If the infestation still does not stop, one can also take the help of professional Pest Control Naugatuck CT( services to get rid of those pesky flies.

    Joseph - these are not normal flies, they're tiny little 1mm bugs, so the idea of the fan / garbage / standing water etc won't help the fight against this particular pest - unfortunately!
  • Hi all,

    I opened the bathroom window while having a bath and have spent the past 10 minutes hoovering the ceiling. Euuuurrrghhhhh. :(

    Any tips and tricks to dissuade them, kill them or let me know when they will die? I am completely grossed out.

    Cobwebs are excellent at catching them, but there are millions of corn flies, so even those are a bit like chucking water at the sun!
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    just wait until the cluster flies come out of the newly ploughed fields, they will be out in their droves looking for winter homes around and inside window frames, door frames and attics. They look like blue bottles but are slower and eat earthworms not refuse
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