under floor heating

Does anybody know anything about this, is it easy to lay, expensive to run or buy. Would be grateful for any imput.


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    Might be useful to move this to the gas/electricity board? It's expensive to run, I know that much!!
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    yes. when we looked into it more it was nearl £1000 to lay and very expensive to run. Well it seemed like a good idea. New radiators it is then. Thanks
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    Just to say that if you have a wood burner with a back boiler I believe it's actually more efficient to run underfloor heating than radiators as it takes less energy. Don't know if that info is any use whatsoever to OP but someone may find it useful!
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    In Austria, I have electric underfloor heating in my smallish bathroom. It doesn't really heat the room and is more for "comfort" i.e. it isnt freezing but then again it is not roasting in there either.

    What I would say is, I turned mine off on the 1st April to save costs and you soon notice how freezing cold the tiles are compared to when it is on. It is really a comfort but not warm you up method of heating and I had it put in when I had my bathroom installed.

    You can save money on it by only laying it where you are of course likely to stand. Thedial I have to control it has a single button on t from a company called "Danfoss". It all works fine but is a bit confusing to understand and use based on the booklet, which is hard to read because it is not so well written.

    Apart from that I can't say much more, but hope this helps.
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    You could take a look at water underfloor heating.
    Up to 15m2 you can get a kit which simply connects like another radiator.
    I have laid this under the floorboards in our extension and it's brilliant.
    have a look @ floorheating dot com
    Cost me £300
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    aloise wrote: »
    Does anybody know anything about this, is it easy to lay, expensive to run or buy. Would be grateful for any imput.

    What type of flooring do you want to lay UFH under?

    What are you intending to use as your energy source? electric? biomass? ground source heat pump?
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