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Leeds Free Parking??

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in England
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maemae Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in England
I am going shopping in Leeds does anybody know if there is any free parking?


  • OptimistOptimist Forumite
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    Free parking in Leeds.....haha. If there is its miles away from the centre
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  • MrsMWMrsMW Forumite
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    You could always park at the White Rose Centre and get the bus into town.
  • babitatbabitat Forumite
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    Leeds has zero free parking. The city is crying out for a park and ride scheme.
  • jenny_fjenny_f Forumite
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    parking is a night mare! We ended up in an NCP style one which cost a fortune! get the bus/train
  • dorsetmiss_2dorsetmiss_2 Forumite
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    Hyde Park Corner/Woodhouse Moor, free parking.....15 min walk into town or frequent bus service :D
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  • fudgemfudgem Forumite
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    DorsetMiss wrote:
    Hyde Park Corner/Woodhouse Moor, free parking.....15 min walk into town or frequent bus service :D

    There are horrendous road works in this area at the moment, but there should be plenty of parking on St Marks Road close by, since the students are on holiday at present
  • Gingham_RibbonGingham_Ribbon Forumite
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    There's Warner Village on Cardigan Road. Last time I parked there you didn't need a ticket or anything. It's a bit of a walk but a very short bus ride to the centre of town from there.

    And you could always stop at the sheesh mahal for a bite to eat before you go home! (My favourite restaurant!)
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  • If you are coming into Leeds to shop you can afford to pay for parking !
    Leeds apart from the market isnt a cheap place to shop any more ie with Harvey Nicks etc in the city . Go to the councils car parks look here and follow the links for visiting
  • Just thinking id go to York personally myself rather than battle through Leeds they have cracking park n ride in place .
  • How about getting one of these

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    Check this website for the map

    As far as i know you can go right out to the edge of the green zone
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