Any train promotion codes out there?

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get £1 off train tickets over £10 at before the end of July using the code 1GBPOFF


  • daveyokdaveyok Forumite
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    Does anyone know of how to get cheaper rail tickets (than advertised on trainline etc). Any promotions on at the moment I haven't heard about? I need to get from Newcastle to Aberdeen in August but don't fancy driving and the only flights seem to be BA (£120+).

    Thanks :P
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    I got on the old 'dog and phone' and spoke directly to GNER; result - £28 return. It just shows that the net is not always cheapest!
  • sos_3sos_3 Forumite
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    Can anyone help with any trainline or First Great Western discount codes/vouchers please????

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    £1 off enter: 1GBPOFF (min spend is £10)
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    It's coming up as an incorrect promotion code..had already tried that - thanks anyway!! Any more??!

    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
  • menniemennie Forumite
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    I am looking to travel from London to Newcastle in september. I saw they were advertising £20 return but now the best price they have available is £60. Does anyone know of any promo codes, or ways to get cheaper fares?

    BTW I am new to this site and its addictive. Nice One!!!!
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    If you don't mind National express coach instead of the train,loads of fares avalible for 3 pound each way in september(have to be a bit flexible)
  • menniemennie Forumite
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    Thanks paulie but I have had to book now £102.90 for 2 return london to newcastle!!!! :-[

    I have sent them a stinking email about the way my enquires were dealt with, they were rude and unhelpful!! Lets see how I get on ::)
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    I regularly travel from Birmingham to Newcastle and use qjump to purchase tickets.

    Use the site to try several dates and times - you can get better deals if you travel off-peak.
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    Hello, I have booked the cheap fares and the times seem to be : the 11.30am from Kings Cross, then the 10.00pm from Kings Cross and the 18.22 from Durham to Kings Cross, I have successfully booked at 20.00 pounds per person (actually somebody published a pound off voucher code on here, but it expired 31st July) - hope this helps
    Titch :)
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