Saved £128ish a year on Sky

I have been a Sky customer for 6 years with there top package.
I phoned them up and complained that i was a loyal customer and that there are loads of cheaper options available and i wanted to leave. I was then offered a saving of £128 over one year, taking my monthly top package price from £42.40 down to £31.88.

Thanks MSE


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    do it every 6 months, i phone up to cancel my subscription a month before the deal runs out, and they always extend it for another 6 months (half price)!!! i have been doing that for 2 years.
    Plus a mate phoned up to cancel, and was given sky+for £60 with free installation and all new equipment and no monthly fee for the sky+!!
  • I've actually woken up and realised that 99% of Sky channels are garbage and go completely unwatched in my house, so I've dumped the lot and will now save £31 per month!

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    I fidn freeview serves all my needs and what didnt I get a cheap dvd. Now with filmfour being free on freeview, there some excellents films on like new Italian job, Wolf creek all only 2 years old at max.
  • My family dont watch a lot of TV but we suscribe to SKY at Christmas time for the films and family channels etc. However, we always get phonecalls and literature through the mail trying to tempt us back.

    We have the digibox which I bet is Sky's worst nightmare!:D
  • Am thinking about Sky - useful comments so far.

    What is the best/cheapest way of getting SKy in more than 1 room (kitchen + sitting room) ?

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