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SKY Customer NON Service

Sorry for the long post BUT

Ive been with VIRGIN for 10 years, full TV package, Sports, Movies plus ESPN, Unlimited Telephone (except to mobiles) and Top Broadband speed
But its been costing me rising on £110 pm inc extras (xtra box we never use anymore and calls to mobiles).

So early in January I was in Tesco and they had a Sky rep touting for customers. I engaged her in conversation, not expecting any difference btween Sky price and Virgin.

But they had offers, promotions, free this and that and having said I want what Ive already got inc Sky Movies/Sports, Talk Unlimited and Unlimited Broadband at fastest speed, I was told the price would be £62 pm rising to £72 pm after the special promo 6mths Free broadband

OK Signed up and was told she'd ring that night with a date for Sky TV installation and shortly Id hear from Sky about putting in a Skyline for Telephone and broadband.

Well TV Switchover was done inside 10 days, Telephone date was about a week later, but we got a call to confirm but were told that as we wanted to keep our existing number, theyd have to get back to us in a fortnight and arrange another date.

Not understanding the delay, as we did already have on our paperwork we wanted to keep the existing tel no - one we've had for 30 years.
When my wife rang on the due date 2 wks later she was told that it would be another couple of wks for telephone line to be installed and up to 90 days (!) for broadband

We'd been told broadband speed would be 20mb when we signed up, but on querying it we were told it was only 6mb and may only be as slow as 3mb in our area. We currently have 20mb with Virgin which they tell us is soon to be upgraded to 50mb.

Anyway very disappointed with the ongoing delay and the ridiculioys wait for a slowrr than expected broadband, we decided to not go ahead with that and stay with Virgin, but as Sky TV had been fitted continue with that.

We got an initial bill early February of £80 D/D. My wife queried it because we only had the TV package and the initial quote said the 1st D/D would inc £25 Telephone line installation.

Sky agreed to take that off a future bill.

Much to my surprise I got another D/D last week again for £80. My wife queried it with CS. She felt that she was not being listented too not answered and after wasting 15 mins on the 0844 number rang off.
I telephoned CS on Friday - spent 25 mins on the phone and being the most placid and amiable person you can imagine, I ended up being wound up like a spring and was in an incandescent RAGE before I finally hung up.
I was told by the CS Operative that I'd obviously not been sold the packagfe by a sky employee but by a retailer. I'd been mis-sold the package and that I could not change it for a year.

I wanted to know why when my original quote was £62 a mth I was beingcharged £80 TWICE in February and what would I be paying in future for my reduced package.

I was told it would be £67 pm for TV ONLY - as opposed to signing up for (I assumed) the full Sky package, Telephone unlimited and Broadband u/l for £62. I was also told I was paying £10 pm for HD - I dont have an HD TV and have no immediate intention of buying one, so can that be removed.

"No not till 2011"

The CS guy kept repeating that "you had a14 day cooling off period" - DID I? Nothing was mentioned and in any case even if I did, the TV was not fitted until 16 days after I'd signed up.

I asked to speak to a Manager - he refused, telling me I could only contact a complaints dept by email, fax or letter.

I said I'd been with Virgin fro 10 years and had probably rang them no more than 5 times in 10 years and within 6 wks of signing up for Sky, I'd rang CS 6 times.

I got VERY ANGRY. I tried to be nice, tried to be amusing, tried to get into his head by saying " OK put yourself in my position for a moment" all I got was a repeated answer

I was shaking when I left the phone.

I tried ringing the girl who sold me the Sky package as she'd said "Our customer service is much better, cos you can just ring me"

Did not answer - but I left her a message mentioning that the CS guy had said I'd been mis-sold and that she could not have been a Sky employee.
She returned my call, NO she had not mis-sold, and would check what I'd signed up for and it was probably the fault of the online booking system. And she WAS a Sky em,ployee and CS should not have said that.
Well she was going to ring me back today to confirm details and sort things oput - SURPRISE - She did not.

Well I'm just Johnny customer in the middle - It looks like Ive been screwed. I'm told one thing to sign up and their part of the bargain has not been adhered to AND then I find out that I'd not been signed up foir what I'd asked for AND I cant change it for a year AND I cant just ring someone up and get it sorted nice and quietly.

I guess my next step is to write to someone and to cancel my D/D and go back to Virgin where I should have stayed in the first place

Any ideas anyone, please ???


  • Well I imagine you have a copy of the contract and the package you signed up for with a breakdown of costs, if it doesn't match exactly then simply don't pay if they are attempting to take more.
  • I have a copy of the original form that the Sky Rep filled out detailing the discounts, the 6mth free broadband, the cost per month and a few boxes ticked which relate to - I assume - the packages that were offered.

    Now whether she ticked any wrong boxes and gave me any wrong prices, I guess they could always say - "thats what we told you"

    But on my part, I wanted pretty much exactly what I have now with Virgin otherwise if I justw anted to reduce the cost by reducing my package I'd have stayed with V, wouldnt I ?
  • I have a friend who works for Sky selling from a stand in a shopping center,we were talking about this last week & he informed me the 'reps' in Tesco are'nt Sky employees but actually Tesco staff.
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