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MSE News: £1 coach deal to Stansted airport

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"Holidaymakers heading to Stansted airport from London can get there for just £1 in March ..."


  • I checked the Easybus website and the fares start from GBP 2 if you book early but some do go up to 9 Pounds for popular services that are near to the travel dates. Most fares are around GBP 6.
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    Best thing about Easybus that it is capped at a return trip for £12.99 some singles at certain times fares are over £10, good deal.
    Save in your favorites, and stop giving companies more £££ dialling 0870 numbers when you can dial freephones or cheaper alternatives
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    Remember when that Bank Manager or Salesperson smiles at you, all he sees is £ notes. Dont forget the motto, "the wider their grin, the more debt your in"
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