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'Is Facebook a virtual tattoo?' blog discussion

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  • NileNile Forumite, Ambassador
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    I don't do facebook and I don't have any tattoos.:cool::D
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    Nile wrote: »
    I don't do facebook and I don't have any tattoos.:cool::D
    You left a tattoo on here :D;)
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  • JDPowerJDPower Forumite
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    Giving yourself an image in a way that seems good when you’re younger, can be a dangerous decision that can be more significant than you realise on the long run
    Why? You are who you are and you should be big enough and honest enough to stand up for that, not be embarrassed by it. No-one's perfect and anyone who tries to portray otherwise is clearly just a dishonest person ashamed of who they are.
  • Even if one isn't personally embarrassed about their past actions, there remains the judgement of others to contend with, which is beyond our control. We all project a certain image to the outside world, which I would argue varies from situation to situation, this 'tattoo' has the potential power to remove an element of choice in how we are seen.
  • i hate facebook but still always go on it hahaha
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  • Ha ha maybe it will teach us not to be big hypocrites like our parents who were always polite and well-behaved, never got drunk and threw up out of their bedroom window and never-ever had sex before they were married!
  • This is going to be a bigger and bigger problem as the internet age progresses. Imagine, in 10 or 20 years when the current facebook generation get into politics or public office. The prospective party leader had better not have posted pictures of him/herself pulling a moonie or boasting about how stoned they got at uni. The Sun/Mirror/News-of-the-World/scandal-sheet-of-your-choice would just love to print this alongside the other pictures of him/her semi-naked and puking in the gutter. Once posted this stuff is PUBLIC. Anyone with a bit of practice can get to just about anything on facebook or any of the other networking sites. Their attempts at privacy are pathetic and, following each change to their terms/site operation more of what you think is private is being exposed to open public scrutiny.

    Remember, for finding stuff, even when you think that it has been deleted, Google is your friend :)

    When you think that you have deleted the embarrassing photo from flickr or facebook - IT IS STILL THERE. These sharing sites are really bad at actually deleting the files. They just remove the reference address from your active list of pictures. If someone has the URL of the old picture then it normally works even after the owner thinks that he has deleted it.

    Sorry to bang on about this but the information that the average facebook user posts on their pages is an identity thief's dream.
  • MozetteMozette Forumite
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    I've got a tattoo, but I don't do facebook, or any of the others of those sorts of things.
  • Who knows what will happen in the future.

    Who would have thought that a photogaph taken on a camera 30 years ago (when you popped the film in an envelope and they took 3-5 days to process) would end up on the internet for all to see on a friends facebook page. Even Tim Berners-Lee couldn't have seen that coming.

    Even sites like this where people think they are totally anonymous might all become available to read under your real identity at the click of a button in the future :eek::D

    At least people know to be more careful what they write on their facebook pages.
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  • Is noro latin for man?
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