'Are annoying ads really bad – would you go compare with GoCompare?' blog discussion

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  • lolarentt wrote: »
    What about the reverse? Where you like the ad but can't remember what the product is! There's currently one with someone on a roller-coaster track that weaves around tall buildings, background music is 'More Than A Feeling' by Boston (great oldie!) However I've no idea what the ad's for! I might buy some if it's cheap!!

    Whenever I see that advert I always think "Thats the rollercoaster with the crappest ending ever"

    Honestly, who would want to get on a rollercoaster that ends up at work?

    The other ones that annoy me are the "We arent on comparison websites, we give the best deal direct"

    They dont, at least they never have in my case! The reason they arent on comparison sites is because they know they would get beaten!!
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    Hate GoCompare song = never go to them for inflicting so much pain to my ears

    If I don't go to them = less business = hopefully less adverts
  • Jojo_the_TightfistedJojo_the_Tightfisted Forumite
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    Things I make a point of avoiding

    Go Compare.
    The middleaged bloke pretending to be a teenager for car insurance (floppy, dyed black fringe bloke).
    118 numbers
    Anything with Fiona Phillips, Cheryl Cole or Davina McCall (is that her name? The shouty thing?)
    Halifax annoying patronising nasty horrible irritating (bring back the guy with the glasses)

    It's easy to argue that all publicity is good, but people deciding to actively avoid the product has to be an own goal.
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    colinw wrote: »
    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • ScarletBea wrote: »
    I ... would never ring 118 118 (while I'd happily ring 118 24 7 because I think the ad's great :D )
    I remember when you dialled DIR for directory enquiries, and it was free, so I consider paying anything on any 118 number is a right royal rip-off (thanks for nothing, OFCOM). Have you seen how much the thieving so-and-sos charge? On the other hand, BT directory enquiries online is free, as is 192.com.

    If you like the 118 24 7 ad (which is no good reason for using it!) try Googling "Magical Trevor" - this appears to be by the same artist.
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    Sir_Alan wrote: »
    If you like the 118 24 7 ad (which is no good reason for using it!) try Googling "Magical Trevor" - this appears to be by the same artist.
    It is indeed, he was hired off the back of the Magical Trevor animation when it became a bit of a cult hit. Here's the original:


    In fact Magical Trevor made a cameo appearance in the first 118 247 ad, see if you can spot him ;) :

  • I record all my TV favorites to my Sky + recorder.
    Then watch TV when I want to. If there are ads I fast forward through them. Series are automatically recorded.
    I read Radio Times, when on the lav, to see if there is anything new to put into my TV planner.

    The only TV I watch "live" is sports.
    Then I hit the mute button if it's Sky Sports.
    Or I make tea.
    Or go and take a leak.
    Sometimes both.

    MadMen who annoy me, or shout, or sing at me, NEVER sell me anything.
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    what do you lot think of the webuyanycar.com ad?
  • What do I think of webuyanycar.com!!!!! Dont get me started on the puerile house techno tune rubbish thing!!! But to be honest all these adverts are on so many times that I just switch off in my head now and if I do watch television (which isnt a lot) I tend to sky+ everything and fast forward through the adverts.
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    That's Barclaycard!

    Oh dear, I remembered it as well, how embarrassing! Especially at this time when my memory should be dormant!
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    I'm glad the information ads about filing your tax return have ended.

    Moira Stewart is also relieved as she can now come out from under my stairs. ;)
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