'What’s the most annoying financial advert?' poll discussion



  • Diams
    Diams Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Halifax & GoCompare are the worst two by far... I refuse to deal with either company!
  • economiser
    economiser Forumite Posts: 897 Forumite
    Why watch any of them? As soon as a commercial break comes I select channel 8, set the timer for 4 minutes and spare myself the misery of watching all the inane advertising nonsense. Better still record and watch later fast forwarding through the breaks. A 2 hour programme then only takes 90 minutes to watch.
  • manic_cow
    manic_cow Forumite Posts: 128 Forumite
    maireadd wrote: »
    Can't believe Lloyds awful animated with terrible pipers-type music doesn't make this list - I have to turn the sound down.:mad::mad::mad:
    I forgot about that one, the first advert they did in that style seemed to go on forever!

    I maintain though that the halifax advert has to be the worst. Not only is the advert bad, but how on earth can they justify the slogan "A little extra help" when they've just introduced extortionate overdraft fees, removed in-credit interest from pretty much all of their accounts and basically shafted anyone who doesn't pay in £1000 each month?
  • blue_haddock
    blue_haddock Forumite Posts: 12,110 Forumite
    i'd love to batter the go compare bloke with a big stick.

    And i'd also like to push gaving from autoglass through a windscreen.

    Both so very very annoying.
  • Eric_Pisch
    Eric_Pisch Forumite Posts: 8,720
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    edited 13 February 2010 at 9:23AM
    F is the worst

    I avoid adverts at all cost, either using sky+ to skip them or channel surf when they are on.

    However a truly dross advert like go compare will ensure that I NEVER USE that companies products EVER as punishment for inflicting it on me.

    So companies like utterly butterly and we buy any car are on the permanent ban list for such a crap name and or advertising campaign.

    Oh and the insurance companies like direct line, your not on comparison sites, well **** YOU! My time is more valuable than any saving you may or may not offer me, again on the permanent never to be used ban list even if they start going on them .....
  • satori
    satori Forumite Posts: 36 Forumite
    The most annoying advert imo is not one of those listed above, but the Scottish Widows one. They definitely look like merry widows to me, and I find it insulting for people who have lost their husband/wife.
  • Princess_Vix
    Princess_Vix Forumite Posts: 162 Forumite
    I actually find the ING one HILARIOUS!
    However, everytime the NatWest one comes on I find myself screaming at the TV that a Mini is not a sports car (cos the guy says he will spend the money on a sports car if his GF says no and in the current one he's standing next to a mini) I know it's only a small thing but it annoys me IMMENSELY!!!
    Just started cashback-ing - makes me feel less guilty when I impulse buy!
  • dave54
    dave54 Forumite Posts: 16 Forumite
    I'm suprised that non of those sofa adds are listed,ALL of them bug me,

    they would usually only appear during public holidays , but lately are on tv all the time with sale after sale,How stupid do these morons think the public are?

    not only that but some of the sofas in the add would only fit in a mansion house,and i don't know many people who can afford to replace there 3 seater most have them for several years, and then there are the songs that are nothing to do with what products they are advertising also are a poor choice.

    The other most annoying one should be the new halifax "high five" radio studio bs,add utter crap, and strarring some serious hiddious people too,
    and in a time of resession who has £1000 a month to stick in their sad bank, to get a £5.00 whoppee!! not
  • dave54
    dave54 Forumite Posts: 16 Forumite
    The HALIIFAX is the worst ,they allways have been with singing bank managers to bogus radio dj's they aint got a clue, plus some of the people who appear in these ads are odd bods to say the least,

    and if they stopped annoying the hell out of tv veiwers and listners of indipendant radio stations, then they would be able to give a £10.00 or more back for you hard earned £1000 per month as they would save loads on advertising
  • MothballsWallet
    MothballsWallet Forumite Posts: 15,848
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    Fun fact: The exterior shots of the Halifax ads are shot in Auckland, New Zealand.

    I know, because I lived there for a year.
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