NI COntributions for dependents overseas


Heard somewhere that dependents posted with OH overseas are entitled to have their NI contributions paid. Anyone know how to go about claiming?


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    I don't think that is correct as I was overseas for 2 years (no employment was available) and they contacted me to tell me I was 2 years down in contributions and did I want to pay to top it up.
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  • There is something starting on 6th April where you can claim for NI credits. I have found this...
    Credits for spouses of members of Her Majesty's forces
    If you are married to, or in a registered civil partnership with, a member of Her Majesty's forces and you accompany them on an overseas posting, you may not be paying UK National Insurance. This may mean you have gaps in your National Insurance record that could affect your entitlement to a full basic State Pension.
    From 6 April 2010, you may be able to claim a new National Insurance credit which could boost your State Pension. More information and details of how to apply will be available on Directgov nearer the time.

    It's right at the bottom of the page.

    I knew about this a few weeks back as my mum works for the pension credits place and sent me some info as she knew I was moving to Germany next month, but I can't find the paperwork she sent!
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