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I don't normally shop in the bodyshop as I find it expensive for what it is, but they have got a really good sale on at the moment. I went into the store in Derby on Friday, and a lovely sales assistant served me.

She gave me a lovely compliment about the dress I was wearing - and you could tell it wasn't one of those manual things they get told to do. I was browsing round, and although she checked I was ok and didn't need any help, unlike in Lush she wasnt by any means over the top with this. I selected a lovely coconut gift set (£8 - down from £20!!)

she asked if this was for a gift, i explained it was. So she came from round the till and picked up a different item, i thought here goes sales pitch, but it was the same item just in a different colour packaging, She explained it looked better as a gift and due to the colour it doesnt fade quite as quick. But at the same time made it clear that she wasnt forcing anything onto me and asked which I prefered. I was very impressed by this as lets face it she didnt have to.

She did ask if I wanted a gift bag, but I declined and we had a lovely moments conversation about liking to wrap pressies ourselves as we feel it is easy to buy a item, but the wrapping is where the thought is. She in no way tried to force the purchase of a bag onto me.

Would deffinatly go in this store again should I need some birthday gifts :)

If anybody from Derby is interested, it wasnt the one in the Westfield centre, it was the one near Anne Summers :)
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