JSA P45 does not match actual amount recieved?

I'm looking back through accounts, and for a while in 08/09 my partner and I were on Jobseeker's Allowance. We were claiming as a Joint couple, with all the benefit for both of us being paid to my partner.

We have P45s for the JSA - mine states no income, and my partner's states £1261.49 under Taxable Benefits.

However, I looked through our bank statements at the time, and we seem only to have been paid a total of £1112.28 for JSA.

It should not have been taxed, we were both under the minimum tax earnings for that year... so I don't understand where the other £150 has gone?

I do not recall having any statements for the JSA income, do you know if it possible to get any? Otherwise, any suggestions about how these figures work?



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