Money Moral Dilemma: Would you replace the shoes?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

Would you replace the shoes?

You rush to get on an overcrowded train before the doors close to get to work. There's a woman in front of you, and you step on her foot, leaving the shoe to fall onto the rails. She blames you and asks if you'll buy her new shoes at the destination - would you buy them (based on a true story that happened to MSE Towers team member).

P.S: We originally had a different version but decided to change it to make it more personal!

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    Pete's fault so he should be a gentleman and step up and foot the bill.

    He would expect her to do the same if the shoe was on the other foot (so to speak)
  • Apologise profusely, offer to purchase a new pair of shoes, and potentially ask her out to dinner as by way of an apology.

    That way, either he would fork out for the shoes, OR end up on a (potentially) successful date and the shoes would be forgotten about!
  • Apologise, get on the train and pull the alarm handle, then there'll be time to recover the shoe before the train departs!
  • No, I would apologise though

    She technically took on a risk wearing (presumably expensive) loose shoes and also was likely a little slow getting on the train

    Not to really blame her for anything, but she should see this as an unfortunate accident and let Peter off

    I've had to quickly run for trains, Peter's hurry shouldn't shock anyone
  • I'm with Tramsay and would say sorry but thats the end of it...

    I'm currently in London working but don't usually spend time down here..

    people are just rude and it's every man (or shoe) for his or her self down there on the underground!
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    You have to be careful what you offer here. They could be really expensive designer shoes. Don't let the door shut. She can get off and get station staff to recover the shoe. You could be a gentleman (or a laydee) and get off with her. Station staff do have long handled tongs (or did have??). Or she could get off at the next stop and go back..... possibilities.
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    I would say sorry but no I would not buy new shoes. How often do we all have our toes stood on which blooming hurts but very rarely results in shoes coming off. She should have more suitable shoes lol - although prob not the best time to advise her of that. With health and safety they might not be able to retrieve immediately but I'm sure the station staff could assist at a safe moment should she leave her details
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    It's a bit of a silly one this! If I dropped my shoe onto the railway line, I wouldn't just carry on going to work as if nothing had happened, wearing one shoe! I'd go and get a member of staff to retrieve it for me. So regardless of who was at fault, that's the line of attack. If Peter was a gentleman, he would go find some staff with her and make his apologies (then maybe ask her out for dinner).

    Chances are though, he would just carry on going to work as normal and let her get on with it :)
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  • Well, Clare will look an absolute prat if she carries on into London with only one shoe.

    They are both going to have to get off the train at the departure station and ask railway staff to get her shoe from the track. If the train has already closed its doors then the two of them should get off at the next station and travel back.

    Her demand for new shoes is not realistic. She should expect Peter to help as he was pushing on to the train behind her.

    Don't understand if he was behind her in getting on the train how she lost her shoe, but the train would not have set off if the doors were not properly closed so they could both get off to sort it.

    She sounds a bit ditzy

    Neither Clare nor Peter could buy shoes straight away if she gets to London so
  • gcw84 wrote: »
    Apologise, get on the train and pull the alarm handle, then there'll be time to recover the shoe before the train departs!

    ...and a nice fine for Peter for the improper use of an emergency stop device...the shoes might be cheaper! ;)
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