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    Hi there all!

    Just started my PGCE in the last week. So far, so good. WHSmith have a very good sale on for files, paper etc by the way!

    It's definitely the best move, at the moment. I've even found someone who travels to the same college who lives 1 mile away from me so for a few days we're doing a car share - until things settle down and we have different seminars etc on the timetable!

    I'm trying to resist the temptation of a student loan - I've still got a hefty balance to pay back from my undergraduate course! However, the year is still young.

    Thanks for the tips everyone.


    PS MMMIARMW - if you want any info about applying, I've still got photocopies of my GTTR application form so just PM me. And I suggest applying as soon as possible. I left it until November to apply (this is for Primary though) and my first and second choice of college were already full.
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  • I start my PGCE in one week. The only problem I have is my LEA is letting me down.

    They must be backlogged or something. Never was this slow when applying for my undergraduate finances.

    I haven't had anything back from them since the beginning of August and the "help"line number doesn't seem to be working. I've been on hold ages without response.

    Hopefully I'll receive the forms by Monday!
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    Dave, not that this will help you, but there are quite a few people on my course who still haven't had their forms back either. My LEA is Cambridgeshire and they seemed to sort it out pretty quickly, and other people found the same thing. However, alot of my course are from Bedfordshire (the college is in Bedford) and haven't received a thing. Doesn't seem that it's an isolated case. However, the LEAs don't actually pay the fees until February.........................
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  • Thanks for the info. Good to know I'm not the only one.

    I called up Essex LEA today and they say that my finance forms probably won't get to me till mid October. Apparently it's due to the newly upgraded computer system.........
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