cooking a whole duck

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    ...or save the fat for use another time. Just roast it, and serve with a fruity sauce, such as cherry, plum or orange.
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  • Why don't you freeze the duck then hit him over the head with it !!

    As others have said - I would def roast on a rack - I would probably baste with some Chinese spices and serve like Peking duck in pancakes

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    Yep, freeze the duck and hit him with it and then feed it to the police who come to investigate just like Tales of the Unexpected :D
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  • Well he won't be wanting duck tonight anyway now he's had a pub lunch! Freezing it is! :rotfl:
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    moggins wrote:
    Yep, freeze the duck and hit him with it and then feed it to the police who come to investigate just like Tales of the Unexpected :D

    That is right it was a leg of lamb and she cooked it and feed it to the police. Classic.

    I would be very tempted to hit him over the head with it. I would go mad if my husband chucked his lunch away.

    That to me is very wasteful.


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    Wouldn't hit him on the head with it, I'd drop it on his foot, that way he'd not be able to go to the pub and I certainly wouldn't wait on him hand and foot whilst he recovered, let him get his own flipping lunch. Portion up duck, make up dinner for yourself. He wonders where his dinner is, point to the freezer while you have your tasty duck.
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  • Haha!! You lot are funny.... I'll give it a go!:rotfl:
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    hi is it a whole duck ? you could roast itin a hot oven make a nice red wine sauce add some cherries aldi has some good one in the frezzer and some cherrie jam in to the sauce If you have any meat left make a duck cottage pie .Then with the carcass make a stock with your veg trimings and use the base for a yum soup keep the fat for great roast potatoes
  • Leave it half-cooked and serve him leftover sandwiches for a few days. Galloping food poisoning will keep him out of the pub and save on the food bills ;)

    Remember to save the fat, it's lovely for roasting potatoes :D
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    hehe, just read your title, and thought.,. a duck#1 what an earth are you going to do with a duck!!

    When I was little, my batty nana bought my sister and I a real live little baby duck each. (yes I know its clled a duckling!)

    My uncle came that night with some wine for my mum. She got drunk and went to bed, so we gave the duck a saucer of wine, well it got p!!$ed at a lord, its crop filled up and it was wobbling all over. Please forgive me, I was only about 11, but it was funny

    We put the ducks in the sink while we were at school. When we returned there was only one left!! My mum's friend's dog had eaten one!! As my sister was younger than me, I told her my duck had been murdered by the dog, but hers was ok. She put the duck in a friends shed that was near the canal, and looked after it, it grew up, fat and white and was released on the water when it was older.
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