cooking a whole duck

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    I love roast duck with a sour cherry sauce served with wild rice and an easy green veg like peas. Orange sauce is another classic. Very easy. Roast duck with a red wine jus and chunky chips or sautee potatos reminds me of cold evenings in the south of france, with a good fresh green salad to start. Duck also goes very well with a good creamy mash, a jus or light gravy perhaps with some redcurrent jelly in it, and peas, or peas cooked with spring onions, lettuce and white wine.

    Left over roast duck is ideal for my favourite salad in the word: duck, pick grapefruit and watercress.
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    If we have roast duck, its with roast potatoes-no other options are allowed by my OH lol :p
    Also with a green veg-pref cabbage or kale, and a red wine gravy, sometimes sweetened with a little redcurrant jelly.
    YUM. Craving roast duck now....
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    Hi sb88,

    I would roast it in the oven on a rack so that the fat drips off. Save the fat for making roast potatoes and serve the duck with a sweetish sauce.

    My favourite is two parts of red wine to one part jam (morello cherry is my favourite but I've substituted it with blackberry jam too). Combine the jam and wine in a saucepan, bring to the boil then reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for about 20 mins (add any juices - not fat - that you manage to skim off). Serve with plain boiled baby potatoes and steamed veg as the duck and sauce are quite rich.

    There are lots more ideas on these threads that may help:

    cooking a whole duck

    Duck breasts

    Duck - Roast/Aromatic Crispy/Confit?

    I'll add your thread to the main one on cooking duck later to keep the suggestions together.

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    Thanks ! It's now a toss up between roast tatos or rice! :( The duck is roasting in the oven as we speak (type!)
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    I decided to go with the rice, and used a Thia Green Curry and steamed rice and roasted duck :D thanks for the suggestions, would never have considered rice before
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