"Tie in" Contract queries

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Hi Guys
Just wondering if anyone can give me some info here...

My boyfriend wants to join the same gym as me, but is getting a bit twitchy over the fact that the contract you sign apparently ties you in for 12 months, after which point it reverts to one month's notice.
Two questions on this really:
1. Can they actually tie you in for this long
2. If so, If you find the club unsatisfactory (which is I suspect his main concern) do you have any rights with regards to cancelling?

Looking forward to some replies!


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    Some gyms offer a 1 month rolling contract, but you normally pay a couple of quid extra per month.

    I signed up for a 12 month contract at the local gym (Esporta) then got injured playing football, so I wrote them a letter saying I needed to cancel because of a sporting injury and they cancelled without fuss (after 4 months of a 12 month contract). For all they knew I could have made up the injury and just wanted to cancel, they didn't check.

    I subsequently rejoined 3 months later (after I recovered).
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    If the period of the contract is expressed in the terms and conditions you have no right to cancel it short. In some circumstances however the gym may be willing to cancel the contract but it is 100% at their discretion and you have no right to force it if you are simply moving address, cant be bothered going etc.

    If they are not providing the level of service outlined in the contract then you have an arguement that they are in breach of the contract. As such you could request that the contract be voided either through a normal letter of complaint or if necessary through legal means... technically you shouldnt simply stop paying as it therefore makes you both in breach of the contract and therefore both sides having legal redress available but thats were the fun of claims and counter claims come in
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