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My OH has asked me what can we do with a pile of strawberries? He automatically mentioned a crumble or a pie.

However, I'd like to make a bit of jam.....or the girls can when they come down using the breadmaker. Think they'd enjoy it.

But...minor problem. I have no idea where to get jam jars from, how many I'd need, or the wax cover thingys. I presume I can get the proper jam sugar from the supermarket....but need help on the rest.

And saving old jars is not going to work....firstly we don't use a huge amount of stuff in jars, and secondly OH has a thing about shuving anything not nailed down or bought in specially into the recycling box. This includes old jars and lids.

There must be somewhere online where I can get a few bits cheaply???
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    There's a thread on proper kilner jars that you might find useful...

    kilner jars
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    I remember my mum in a similar situation made freezer jam instead, which she stored in little ice-cream tubs which she begged from our local "Mr Whippy" and covered with tin foil. You could also use plastic cups, foil cartons, empty chinese takeaway boxes or yoghurt pots if you wanted to go down the freezer jam route.

    Otherwise could you ask friends and neighbours for their empties? The wax circles, I cut out from the inner wrapping of cereal boxes, but others get from local Pound shops.
  • rchddap1
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    If the girls make some they will both want to take some home....meaning that we'd need some jars. They do sell them at lakeland, but don't want to pay £3.95 in postage!
    Baby Year 1: Oh dear...on the move

    Lily contracted Strep B Meningitis Dec 2006 :eek: Now seemingly a normal little monster. :beer:
    Love to my two angels that I will never forget.
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    Have you got any pensioner neighbours, who you could trade jars for jam with?
    preserving sugar is available in supermarkets, not sure about the waxed discs & greasproof circles for the top - used to be able to buy packs with them all in (including elastic bands!) but i don't know where you'd get them from now -maybe Stationery Box?
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    Do you have a Freecycle group in your area? Have seen a few offers of jars and also requests for jars there. Also, in the past when I have had a jar emergency I have used old heavy tumblers quite successfully...just make sure they are well warmed before filling and use those cellophane circles with an elastic band to seal. icon7.gif
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    If you only want to make the odd pot rather than enough to fill a cupboard you can store it into a pottery mug, fill it when the mug and jam are hot, cover it with clingfilm or put it in a freezer bag when cool, store it in the fridge and it will keep well for a few weeks - no expense at all!

    If you want to splash out Lakeland has metal lids that wil go on most cast-off jars
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    You could look in the charity shops.
    You often see those glass jars with push on lids .
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    Ask your friends and neighbours. I make jam and everyone saves their jars for me. I buy new lids from Lakeland, find they are more robust than cellophane & waxed discs, but if you're only making a couple of jars with the kids you can get away with cling film - they'll probably eat it in a day or two anyway!
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