how's the snow with you?

in Wales
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well we had now this morning... sent everyone home from work, and then it stopped and the sun came out:rotfl:

i am totally confused now as, earlier this morning, we wernt going to get snow tonight, and now they are saying we :confused:

went to the local co-op just to get some bread rolls, and it was heaving in there, dont think i have ever seen it so busy:rotfl:

i know some places have had it bad..... what's it like near you
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  • Read on the sun news website that some people are expecting 40cm of snow.

    I did not thing we would get any here in portsmouth but its been snowing for nearly an hour now and laying :0)

    Im like a big kid, i really wanted to get my 4 aqnd 5 yr olds up and show them but that would just be crule of me as they would want to go and play in it.

    Hopefuly it will still be there in the morning and they can have a play then.
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    It has been bad here for 2 weeks so far, frozen ground and snow on top. I have only been out twice and only a mile. I just don`t think it is worth the risk as in 1978 I was in a head to head with a lorry on an icy lane and my car was a write off. Today it is hopeless as we have deep snow on top of everything.

    lol, hence my full stockcupboard

    edit: my children used to love this sort of snow and it was wonderful to see them with rosy cheeks and covered in snow
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    Rhiwbina was pretty thick this morning and blizzarding down when I was walking the dog at 7am!
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    Its snowing again pretty heavily in Pontypridd as I type this.
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    25cm of snow here in NE wales!
  • hardly any at all probably the only place where there is no disruption.
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    Fair bit of snow here in Newport/Risca.

    Got PM off to look after son (6 yrs old). Anyone know anywhere good to go tobogganing in Newport/Risca area? :-)
    Cymru am Byth !!! :j:j:j
  • I had about 9 inches in my front garden in Newport yesterday morning (North-facing, with wind blowing into a cul-de-sac). It was lush! I got up before dawn and just hopped about in it before getting ready for work :)

    Of course, the silly neighbours built themselves a life-size snow car in the middle of the road and now it's all compacted into solid ice (3 inches thick on the pavement and well slippery). I'm still commuting into work by train but no-one's driving anywhere.
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  • Still covered in Snow in West Wales

    Hope you can all keep yourselves safe and warm, and have enough emergency supplies of food in the cupboards.
  • i think we have got off lightly in our area....Swansea....

    but i think they have given more snow for sunday.. plus bitterly cold winds...

    whenever i've been to the supermarket most of the bread has sold out:rotfl:
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